Busy Life

I can't believe it's been three weeks since I posted!  For some reason, since we returned from vacation, life has taken an incredibly busy turn.  It doesn't seem to be any one thing, just lots of assorted family, church and social events.  All good stuff, but keeps me running.

Like many of us who entertain multiple hobbies, it seems as if they take turns coming to the forefront and becoming an obsession for a time.  Recently I've been spending a lot of time on digital scrapbooking.  I've signed up for a new class and am trying to refine my skills and speed up the time it takes me to design a page.  Currently I can often spend a whole day on one page.  I have a new incentive to get busy, though.  Several weeks back I decided to give the granddaughters the scrapbooks I had been working on since their births.  I thought they were old enough to enjoy them and since the pages are digital, if one gets ruined or bent, it's no big deal.  They were absolutely enthralled with them.  They each looked through their own book and then traded and looked through the other.  When Isobel saw all the blank page protectors in the back of her book, she said, "Look, there's room so we can put in our adventures!"  Awwww!  So now Nana needs to make a concentrated effort to keep up.  This past week we had them for an overnight visit and made Christmas cookies:


Next in line is to catch up on their birthday pages.  And of course, trying to make some semblance of order of the 38 years of family photos that I would like to eventually scrapbook.

Knitting hasn't been entirely put on the back burner.  For one, I am still plugging along on Ben's sweater, although no exciting photos to show.  From the notes on Ravelry, it was apparent that the sleeves on the Cambridge Jacket were going to be way too wide.  I narrowed them, but now have to recalculate the sleeve cap.  My first attempt was a little odd looking, to say the least.  I am now working on the second attempt and am hoping for the best.  Considering that this was Ben's last year's Christmas present, I really would like to have it finished by this year!

I've also been working on the girls' Christmas sweaters.  It was stealth knitting, but when Abby came last time she wanted to see, so I can now post photos:


This is Mei-Mei's sweater.  Isobel's will be the same theme, but a little different.

I've also made the impossible goal of 10 shawls in 2010!  I finished #10 this week.  This one still needs to be blocked, but I did finish blocking the previous ones:


Rosevine by Dorothy Siemens (Fiddlesticks Knitting).  Yarn – Exquisite, also by Fiddlesticks, size 2 needles.


Dewdrops by Dorothy Siemens (Fiddlesticks), yarn Exquisite, size 2 needles.

 Swallowtail by Evelyn Clarke, yarn Misti Alpaca Lace, size 2 needle.

Although this has been a fun challenge, it is not one that I will repeat in the future.  After the Christmas projects are done, I will probably start contemplating a large shawl project.  Both the Wedding Ring and Queen Susan Shawl are calling out to me and perhaps after the new year I will be ready to wrap my mind around a complex project.

We do have a new member of the family to report.  Well, not exactly family, but we did say a fond farewell to my little green Mini Cooper.  Agatha was a hoot to drive and so much fun, but we had to admit she had become impractical for our lives now.  We needed four doors and room for car seats.  In her place now is Forest:


Forest is a 2011 Subaru Forester.  One of his most endearing qualities is that he has all wheel drive.  This came in very handy this morning:


A very rare early snowstorm in Western Washington.  This was taken about 6 hours ago and it's been coming down heavy ever since.  Cars were slipping and sliding all around me, but I was nice and steady on the road and sure footed coming up the hill to my house.  However, I was not about to tempt fate and parked Forest in the garage where he will stay until the roads improve!  All of this snow will probably be gone by Thanksgiving.  Or at least we hope so!

6 thoughts on “Busy Life

  1. I’m a true fan of Subarus. I loved my Forrester, and I like my current Outback wagon almost as much. (Better gas mileage, but I can’t fit as many sheep in the back…)

    Love the ladybugs!

  2. I made the ladybug sweater years ago. It’s a classic!

    Congratulations on reaching the 10 shawl goal with plenty of time to spare in 2010- you are amazing!

    Nice new wheels.

  3. Ten shawls in a year is so impressive. Actually, any one of the shawls you knit is impressive all by itself. Congratulations on making your goal.

    The ladybug sweater is so cute.

    Interesting to hear about your new Subaru. We have a Subaru dealership near here with a highly rated service department and I’m considering buying one as well.

    I rented a Subaru a few years ago on a trip to Idaho and liked it a lot.

    But Subarus are male cars? I’ve always had female cars. A male Subaru would be a big change.

  4. Ten shawls–wow.

    We got my son a Subaru when he started college in upstate NY, and it was (and is) a great car for driving in snow, ice, and plain old wet. It also has been really reliable–it is now in its 7th year, with only modest maintenance.

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