Common Sense

I had an epiphany at 2:00 a.m. this morning.  I have been stressing out about getting my Christmas knitting done.  I'm making sweaters for the girls, as usual.  Ivy's is done (picture to follow), but I still have to finish Isobel's.  I finished the body last night and calculated that if I spent every spare minute between now and Christmas, I might get the sleeves done, the steeks cut, sleeves sewn in and front and neckbands knit up.  That would mean skipping our annual spinner's party today and literally knitting every spare moment I have.  As I was tossing and turning at 2:00, I realized therein lies madness.  This is SO not what the Christmas season is about.  I would hate and resent every stitch I put in and that's not the love I want knit into this sweater.  The sweaters will be appreciated just as much two weeks after Christmas – maybe even more when they don't have to compete with toys under the tree.  I'm happy to say that common sense has prevailed and I will be enjoying the last week before Christmas. 

As promised, here is a photo of Ivy's sweater:


And a detail of the shoulder buttons:


I'm pleased as punch how it turned out.  I do think, though, that next year's Christmas sweaters will be a little bit less ambitious!

Here's the body on Isobel's:


As it lay blocking I had a little bit of a panic attack looking at how sloppy it looks with the neckline steeks cut.  But I have to remind myself that's what Ivy's looked like and it turned out just fine.  Steeking is a little bit like blocking lace – an act of faith.  And not just any old act of faith, a HUGE act of faith.  I took Ivy's sweater with me to my monthly sewing getaway last week and I thought several ladies were going to faint when I took the scissors to it!

This weekend should prove to be a lot of fun.  Barring any unforeseen illnesses (one side effect of having a kindergardner is that she brings home every germ floating around out there!) the granddaughters will be coming to spend the weekend with us.  We will be taking them to cut a Christmas tree and then they will help us decorate it.  Should be fun having a 3 and 5-year old help out with that!  If all goes well, we will also fit in a trip to the local Christmas Village.  We were hoping that would give Ben and Abby a chance to get out and have some fun, but they are both battling colds and may enjoy the opportunity to just rest. 

I'm off to browse through some patterns – I think I may just cast on a sock today.  Believe it or not, I only have two projects on the needles – Isobel's sweater and a vest for me that has been languishing.  I suppose I should take a look at the vest.  I'm pretty close to being done with it, but I think I need the rush of casting on a new project!  Can anyone identify with that??

I leave you with a model shot of my son's sweater.  I think he was pleased – at 6'6", it's very difficult for him to find sweaters with sleeves that are long enough.  He looks quite handsome, doesn't he?


10 thoughts on “Common Sense

  1. What lovely knitting – all three sweaters.

    Have a wonderful Christmas time with the girls this weekend and enjoy the season now that you’re all relaxed and have priorities straight.

    And, yes, I know all about that cast on a new project rush.

  2. I LOVE those lady bugs! Funny thing, I had a similar epiphany a few weeks before yours only mine had to do with sewing projects! Why do we put this kind of pressure on ourselves? Watching you cut those steeks would have given me a heart attack! Enjoy the season!

  3. Smart woman – you are SO right- they will be appreciated so much more after the hubbub of Christmas – Those ladybugs are soooo cute and matching buttons – what a great grandma.
    Your son looks about my son’s age – but mine is only 6’2″ 🙂

  4. We don’t need madness. I hurt my shoulder a couple years back trying to get gifts knitted by Christmas.

    Those sweaters are so cute. Your son’s sweater looks great on him.

  5. I decided on the weekend that Bryant’s cowl hoodie is going into the box crochet hook attached. Yup, he’ll still love it a week late. I can hear him chuckling when he opens it. Maybe I’ll teach him to finish it.

  6. Those Christmas sweaters are great–I just love the buttons.

    When I’m in the throes of Christmas knitting, I try to console myself by considering that I’m not in the crush of mall shopping. No matter how stressed I feel, it is lots better than spending hours in stores.

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