You Are My Sunshine

Far be it from me to complain about our weather, especially considering what the rest of the country is experiencing.  I think we must be the only region that is not having extreme weather.  However, we have had days and days (and days) of gloomy rain – not unusual winter weather for us.  It was absolutely glorious when we experienced the sun for a few days this week.  I was going to get out and get some pictures, but got side tracked by other things, so you'll have to take my word for it. 

The major project I've been sidetracked by is finishing up the girls' quilts.  Machine quilting has never been my strength and I was kind of dreading that part of the project,  However, once I put my mind to it and got started, I found I didn't mind it (much).  I think part of the reason is that the results were actually quite decent:


All that's left are the borders and I think I'm going to bite the bullet and free motion quilt a heart design:

I experimented with using a design drawn on tissue paper and pinned on the quilt sandwich and it came out acceptable.  With any luck the quilts will be finished by next weekend.  Mei-Mei got a sneak peek and gave the quilt (especially the lamb) the stamp of approval:


It's a good thing I'm going to have a couple of FO's, because I have a serious case of "startitis".  I've found at least four or five projects I could cast on today, but I'm trying to be disciplined.  On the finishing block were the Sunshine socks I was making for myself – they've already been washed and worn twice.  I love them!


Not too much is being accomplished this weekend because we have the girls.  Ben and Abby are having their house painted and decided the project would go much more smoothly without two little inquisitive girls around.  On Saturday, Grandpa and Isobel went to a kid's workshop at Home Depot and Isobel make a cute little heart shelf:


And, of course, one can never get tired of hearing, "Nana, will you read me a story?"


Even Aunt Claudia got in on the act with a double dose of love:


7 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine

  1. Know what you mean about the seemingly endless gloom. Still, I’d love to trade you weather for a week.

    We’ve had a little sun, but when the cloud cover lifts the “warm” air rises and temps drop down into the single digits and below. Mostly though it’s just cloudy gloom and snow snow snow. It’s so dreary I can’t even get any good bird pictures.

    Oops, this is turning into a weather whine. Better go now. Have a great week.:-)

  2. My weather also is the “if the sun is shining it must be bitter cold out there” kind. Cloud cover is like a big fluffy blanket, keeping us warmer. (And occasionally dumping heaps of snow on our heads, but every silver lining has a cloud…)
    Looks like you and the girls had a much more fun weekend than their folks!

  3. That quilt is absolutely beautiful, Dorothy. I love it and the socks. You’re right, it was nice to walk sans umbrellas for most of the week! It is fun to read to kids, isn’t it, especially grands.

  4. I’d say it is WAY better than “decent” – the quilting looks beautiful and the hearts are going to be perfect in the borders of your gorgeous quilt – lucky lucky little girl!

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