Meet Angel, the newest member of our family. 

Technically we have a week to decide whether or not to keep her, but I think the decision has been made!  She has already managed to worm her way into our hearts.

As I mentioned before, she has such a sweet temperament.  Pretty laid back and calm.  Maggie can be pretty dominant and pushy, but Angel is not really intimidated.  They have an uneasy truce going right now, but I don't think it will be long before they'll be playing together.  Yesterday we set up a crate in the dining room for her and Maggie managed to open the door, crawl in and go to sleep!  She's more annoyed than anything else.  But there's been a surprisingly low level of aggression.  In fact, this afternoon Maggie patiently watched while Angel chewed on a bone.  As soon as Angel got up and walked away, Maggie took the opportunity to sneak over and carry the bone away!  But at least she did wait until Angel was done.

I weighed Angel and she is 27 lbs.  Maggie is larger than she is and is only 22 lbs.  I think Angel should only weigh about 20 lbs., so she is carrying about 1/3 more weight than she should.  We've started the diet and exercise program.  Maggie can go 2 miles or more without getting winded, but poor Angel was beat after only 1/2 mile!  But we'll get there and it will be great seeing her get healthy.

9 thoughts on “Angel

  1. Congratulations! – to everyone! It will be fun hearing how it all works out. Sounds like Maggie has already accepted her – with just a tad bit of reservation. Only to be expected.

    But – I have one question. What does one do when a 27LB dog has had enough after 1/2 mile? With Sofee, I just pick her up and carry her, or she rides in the cargo area of BG’s stroller. But….. how do you manage with Angel?

  2. Angel is a beautiful dog, even with the extra pounds.

    It’s great that she found a new family to care about her. She’s going to feel so much better when she’s a reasonable weight.

  3. Congratulations! How exciting.

    Meant to say in my other comment, I know someone who was born in one of the painted ladies.

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