One Little Monkey

. . . . and guess who's holding it!


Yep – that's Cookie A. herself holding my Monkey sock in progress.  I took two classes from her today and had a great time.  She's so charming in person and just blows you away with her knitting skill.  We got to see most of the Cookie A. socks and they are more gorgeous in person than in the photographs.

The first half of the class was on advanced cables.  We cabled ribbing, garter stitch over seed stitch, plain over lace and the grand finale – cables over cables.  I had seen other ways of cabling without a needle, but her method was much more "secure" and I think I will be using it.  The second half was on bias knitting.  I don't think I will be doing much designing with bias, but it was interesting to see the technique and geometry behind it.  It was also a nice chance to get together with some knitting friends that I only see on occasions such as this.

Now off to finish this pair of Monkeys!

10 thoughts on “One Little Monkey

  1. Was nice to see you, yesterday.
    Cookie’s mind is amazing and brilliant. All those geometry terms in the bias class were so faded in my memory.

  2. Great picture of your brush with genius. So happy to hear she’s nice. I would have been terrible disappointed to hear otherwise.

    Someone who designs socks like that has to be nice. Right?

    Glad you enjoyed your classes.

  3. It was great to see you at the Spin-In on Whidbey! I came home with a Hansen e-spinner & am loving it! Wish I could have stayed, but daughter came home from Montana šŸ™‚ Hope you had a great rest of the spin-in!

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