Blah, Blah, Blah

I think all of us in the Pacific Northwest have a case of the blahs.  Once again it is dreary, cloudy and rainy.  We've had a couple of spectacular days – all the way up to 70!  But for the most part we are still struggling to even make 60 on some days.  I try very hard not to complain – I'd much rather have this than extreme heat, but it does wear one down.

I seem to have hit a blah with all of my projects as well.  I spent yesterday and today working on a little tote bag that I thought was going to be just the cutest thing ever!  But when I got done, something about it just didn't thrill me, and I'm not sure what it is. 



What is it?  Is it something as simple as the handles are too far apart?  Too tall/wide, not tall/wide enough?  I'm wanting to make some for my etsy shop and if it doesn't thrill me, it probably won't thrill others either.  Any opinions or advice would be welcome.  What would you like to see in a small knitting/project bag?

I did manage to finish the boring socks!


I'm not sure what I'm doing next, but it will be something with a lot more interest!

Perhaps the blahs are due to changes around the old homestead.  We've had some weeping cherry trees out front since shortly after we bought the house over 25 years ago.  We watched them grow from little saplings to mature trees.  Unfortunately they have reach the end of their lifespan and are starting to die.  In addition, there is some concern about the roots and our drainfield.  So – they had to go. 





I'm looking forward to getting the area landscaped.  We have a friend who is a Master Gardener and she's going to come over and help us out.  I'm hoping to get something with some color.  The lavender that is in the foreground is coming out as well.  Perhaps some irises – I caught this beauty while walking Maggie down by the beach:


We did have a little bit of excitement this week – my old boss, Dr. Olson,  and his wife surprised us with a visit.  Of course, it was on the day that I decided to clean out the guest room closet and there was junk scattered all over the house and I was wearing my sloppiest clothes and no makeup! 


They certainly didn't seem to mind and we were so happy to see them.  I don't miss my job, but I do miss him.  He is finishing up his orthodontic degree at Loma Linda and then will be looking at where he will practice.  He hasn't ruled out our little town, so we're hoping!  But no, I will not be going back to work for him.

A busy week ahead as we prepare for having the granddaughters starting on Friday.  They will be staying with us for a whole week.  Gotta rest up!!


10 thoughts on “Blah, Blah, Blah

  1. So glad to read that you are not thinking about returning to work. As I read your post, I feared that was the outcome of his visit. So nice that they stopped by…..

    And as for the bag, what about the handles….the front handle staying on the front of the bag, and the back handle staying on the back. Hope that makes sense. It’s lovely though….just as it is.

  2. I love the bird on the bag. I second Kathy’s comment about the straps going the other way so that the bag can be openned fully. Just look at any purse you own if you need a visual like I usually do.


  3. I agree that changing the strap placement will probably give you the bag you envisioned.
    I didn’t know your ‘old’ boss was a just a kid! And you look wonderful as ever. 🙂
    It was sad to lose your trees, but new landscaping will be fun.

  4. The trees are gone? Very sad, indeed! I’m with the other comments – the bag itself is great – the issue is the straps. In addition to changing the position of them – they look a bit too long in proportion to the bag.

    Enjoy the girls!

  5. Wish you lived closer so I could give you some or our irises. They really need to be split up! Have a great time with the GK; we’re having a busy weekend too. My sis from MN and her hubby enroute home after an AK cruise. I think you’ll be busier!

  6. PS You are so right about the blahs…. but your so-called “boring” socks look like they have an interesting fancy edge? What is it?

  7. Just came back form 114 degrees in Palm Springs. It wasn’t quite as bad a heat as I was expecting and a pleasant change from here. Zippo humidity made it better. You just change your daily schedule to take the heat into consideration. Don’t think I could stay there all summer, though.

  8. Dorothy, I went to Hobby Lobby today and looked at one of their totes (I too thought putting the handles the other way was the problem) – but their bags had the handles like yours – but much closer together. It is a beautiful bag. Your abilities are astounding! Pray for us – my oldest son, Meyers is getting married Tuesday night. They’ve been engaged 1 hr 6 months – and known each other 5 years. Nevertheless, it is a big step.

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