It's always nice to get encouragement for your artistic endeavors.  Recently I entered a scrapbook challenge with this page:


Imagine my surprise and delight to discover today that I had won first place!  The prize is not huge, but the encouragement is.  Of course, when you have such lovely photos to work with it helps.  Both of these were taken back in 2009 when we visited Orlando.  Mei-Mei was so besotted with hubby, that the rest of us started referring to ourselves as the "second string."  Of course, she's broadened her circle since then, but her love affair with grandpa still continues. (Kits – Dream a Little Dream by Veronica Spriggs, In His World by Scrapper's Guide, font – Handwriting Dakota, Gradient tutorial by Jenn White, B&W tutorial by Jan Walker).

I have a couple of other pages to share as well:


It was such a pleasure to be at Mei-Mei's first ballet lesson.  I didn't think it was possible to have that much pink in one room.  All of the little girls were adorable (especially mine!) and I was pleased that Mei-Mei listened to the teacher so well.  (Kits – Alpha Strings by Brandy Murray, En Pointe by DigiChicks).

And lest we forget Isobel:


I was trying to get some sweet fake-first-day-of-school pictures (more on that later), but "sweet" is not in Isobel's vocabulary.  She makes it clear she is not a girly-girly and definitely displayed an attitude in her photo shoot.  And I don't use the word attitude in a negative way – just a very confident, this is who I am personna! (Kit – Me Personally by Taylor Made, layout and tutorial by Susie Roberts, fonts – Calibri and Baroque Script).

I had asked the girls' mom to take some first day of school photos, but things got hectic and she forgot.  So, when I went down for grandparents' day, I took some off-to-school photos and we're going to have fake-first-day-of-school scrapbook page.  A fun remembrance of its own!

6 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. The computer takes scrapbooking to a new level, doesn’t it? Cute photos; we have some similar ones from Sophia’s ballet class. You’re sure right about pink!

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