Over the River and Through the Woods

That little phrase has taken on  real meaning for us as we settle into new traditions for our family.  We do indeed travel over the river (several times), through the woods (several times), in addition to over an ocean, a slough and at least two islands to get to and from our Christmas celebrations.

As we did last year, Ben & Abby and girls traveled up to our house for Christmas Eve.  We had a great time opening our presents followed by a fine ham dinner.  As is our tradition, we read the Christmas story before opening our presents.  Last year Isobel read from a story book.  This year she read directly from the Bible.  She did a great job, but she did have some trouble with all the big words, so next year we might seek out a more age appropriate translation.  The tradition was brought into the modern age by having her read it on an iPad!


One of my presents to Ivy was a 3-D counting book that I made.  I don't think she cared much for the 3-D glasses, but she did insist that anyone reading it to her wear them:


On Christmas Day we made the trek to their house.  We opened our stockings, which the girls found almost as much fun as presents.  They're usually filled with funny little gifts and, of course, chocolate!  The adults found theirs filled with an assortment of little bottles of spirits!


Unfortunately, we left the festivities a little early because hubby was coming down with a cold.  He's felt pretty crummy for the past few days and I'm hoping not to come down with it. 

Post Christmas has found me playing with the new toy hubby got me – my own iPad!


This was really a surprise because he wasn't supposed to get me anything beyond a token gift.  I had a fancy new radio put into my car and that was to be my Christmas/Birthday present.  Of course, it probably was a little bit of self preservation because I had been hogging our mutual iPad since I downloaded KnitCompanion.  Nevertheless, it was an outstanding gift and I have been enjoying it immensely.  In fact, I'm finding that now that I have unfettered access to it, I'm using it a lot more than my computer.  Of course, I still need my computer for scrapbooking and photo editing, and for any lengthy typing.  

I can also now post pictures of some stealth projects.  First off – Abby's socks.  I did gift these to her for Christmas, but I also owe her some birthday socks for her birthday in November.  These are More Fun than Cables, courtesy of Marguerite, yarn is Cascade Heritage Hand Paint.


Sorry for the crummy picture, but we have entered the gloomy days of the year when the sun is nowhere to be seen.  So my pictures will either be dark, or washed out by the flash.

Next up is hubby's Christmas sweater.  I knew that I'd never be able to get a sweater done for him in time, so he got what is becoming almost a tradition – a bag of yarn!  However, he had the added bonus of having a half done sweater on the needles included.  I had been working on it right under his nose, telling him it was a sweater for Ben.  The pattern is Mountain Brook by Janet Szabo, yarn is Nature Spun sport:


Ben also got a bag of Nature Spun sport yarn for a sweater of his choice – yet to be determined.  

I've also been working on a Perlemor sweater for a soon-to-be-born great nephew.  I saw the pattern on the Yarn Harlot's website and was smitten.  Of course, it was in an out of print book that was running at least $200 in the secondary market.  A little bit of detective work, though, and I found the pattern in another Dale book that was on sale for $3.00.  Score!  Of course, all did not run smoothly.  No matter how hard I tried, my pattern just wasn't coming out looking right!  Ravelry to the rescue – I emailed someone who had made the pattern and we compared charts.  There was an error in my book.  Once correct, it has been smooth sailing.  I have the body done up to the armholes and one sleeve done.  The baby's due in February, so I think I'm in good shapel


That will definitely keep me in projects for the rest of the year!!  Add to that the fact that our knitting group is embarking on a sweater project and I got a gift certificate for Knit Picks.  I'd better quit playing with my iPad and get to knitting.  So glad I have KnitCompanion to keep all my projects organized!

Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope the year holds joy and blessings for you all.


4 thoughts on “Over the River and Through the Woods

  1. What a happy Christmas, it’s fun making new traditions to blend with the old. Love the 3D glasses!
    I know the reason my husband got me a laptop a few Christmases ago is because he wanted the other computer to himself.

  2. Love your new projects, Dorothy! Where’d you finally find the pattern for the Perlemor? It’s really a pretty stitch! Have a Happy New Year. BTW, I still haven’t finished the Advent scarf…

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