Snowed In

This is the view out our window this morning:



Now, I know many of you from other parts of the country (I'm looking at you Marguerite!) think this is laughable that this would snow us in, but this is the great Pacific Northwest.  While we can deal with lots of rain and grey skies, snow and ice brings us to a screeching halt!  We have many hills and don't have the snow removing equipment to deal with it.  We actually probably could get out of our driveway with our 4 wheel drive, but discretion is the better part of valor and we have chosen to stay put.  I had gone to the granddaughters for the weekend and instead of coming home Saturday night, decided to wait until Sunday.  Oops!  This is what greeted me the next morning:


I would not have gotten out of Ben & Abby's housing development without the 4 wheel drive, but the freeway was clear.  In fact, there was almost no snow between our house and theirs, but our house had as much snow as they did!  Another weather oddity of our area – snow can be really hit and miss.

Maggie really, really loves the snow and one of her favorite games is catch the snowball:


That was taken yesterday – we've had about 5-6 more inches since then.  This morning while I was standing on the deck taking pictures, this little guy was terribly put out that I was standing by his feeder:


So, we've been snug as bugs in our warm house, watching movies, scrapbooking, knitting, and just generally being lazy.  I did get quite a bit accomplished on hubby's sweater.  The body and neckline are done and I've started on the sleeves:


Not a great picture.  The neckline doesn't ruffle like that.  So far it seems to fit him very well.  We weren't sure if we would even get mail delivery today, but the USPS came through and delivered this:


12 skeins of Knit Picks Gloss in Sea Spray.  This will be for my Cape Cod gansey.  Thank you Ben and Abby for the gift certificate!  I lost no time in casting on:


Unfortunately in my haste I miscounted and cast on 50 stitches less than I should have – discovered after the first two rounds.  Off to start over!

In the meantime, I've gotten a lot of scrapbooking done while cooped up – here's one of my newest pages:


8 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. You knit like the wind! Didn’t you just start that sweater…?
    We’ve got cold today – it’s -8 at the moment. I want to cast on every bit of wool I have!

  2. You could send your snow our way. We miss it! We had about 2 inches a day or so ago….enough to please BG, but not even enough to shovel. Strange weather….to say the least!

  3. We finally got snow today. While I can’t say that I have missed having it I know the lake levels will be really low this summer if we don’t get some snow sometime.

  4. It’s snowy here today also; everything’s been cancelled! And yes, the hills around here make snow-driving a crazy challenge, so we stay home, too. Looks like you’ve got lots of projects to keep you busy; me, too! Love that new yarn and your DH’s sweater. It looks like an interesting pattern. WHat is it?

  5. We finally got snow yesterday, about 6″. Kids and dogs love snow, but that poor little hummingbird! Seaspray- what a perfect color for a Cape Cod Gansey.

  6. Strange strange winter. It was 5 degrees two days ago, 47 degrees today. Back to freezing and snow tonight.

    Love the color you picked for your gansey. Looking forward to seeing its progress.

    Poor hummer. Did his nectar freeze?

  7. Even a coating of ice can make for some pretty hazardous driving. I must say, though, the snow looks great in your photos–so long as I’m not the one to do the shoveling. I’ll bet that hummingbird never expected to see snow.

    And of course the mailman had to make it if he was bringing you yarn!

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