The Olympics are upon us and I have to admit, I'm a fan.  I know all the arguments about how the games have become commercialized and the athletes are really not amateurs any more, but I still love seeing all these people work their hearts out toward a goal.  I was going to say young people, but last night in the parade there was a 61-year old!  Of course, he was a shooter, not a runner, but still . . . .

I think part of the reason I'm so psyched this year is because I've set a goal for myself.  I'm not exactly sure what possessed me (although I think Kris might be partly to blame), but I have started running.  My goal is to participate in a 5k race.  I've already reached the stage where I can do a run/walk of 3 miles.  Not bad, considering running for even a minute when I started was hard.  I'm not sure of my time because the last two times I ran, the app on my iPhone crapped out on me and I didn't make note of the time when I started.  Monday I'll run with a new app and hopefully get a feel for whether or not I will embarass myself.  I've signed up for a 5k on August 18th.  I'm really hoping I can do it in 45 minutes or less using a run/walk combination.  Apparently that is pretty ok now and even marathoners will insert walk breaks to allow their bodies to recover.  My goal is a 5k this year and a 10k next year.  I would dearly love to do a half marathon after that, but I'm not going to tempt fate by announcing that as a goal quite yet.  I'll have to see how my 62-year-old formerly couch potato body holds up!

And of course, I have my Ravellenics goal.  I have started Haruni .  It's probably not a real stretch for me to finish this during the Olympics because I'm a pretty fast lace knitter and it's a smallish fingering weight shawl.  I think for me the challenge is project monogamy!  I started yesterday afternoon and knitted through the opening ceremonies.  Good thing I had something to keep me awake because I thought they were dismal!


I'm on the team for Knit Companion.  And speaking of KC – I hope to be teaching a class on it come fall.  I spoke to the owner of Wild Fibers in Mt. Vernon and she was really excited about the prospect.  While I was talking to her there was even a lady who came up and asked to have her name put on the waiting list!  It remains to be seen if there is enough interest to make a class of it, but I certainly hope so.

Another goal was to finally finish my 2011 KALendar Shawl.  The knitting was finished ages ago, but I had been dreading the blocking because it is so big!  Turns out, it wasn't as bad as I expected, although it did entail a little rearranging of my bedroom:

2012-07-28 22.01.18
2012-07-28 22.02.05
2012-07-28 22.02.18

This was certainly the most ambitious shawl I've ever done and as I blogged about previously, one of the sections (the vertical lines just before the heart border) just about did my wrists in.  However, the pattern was lovely, clear and free of errors, so I would highly recommend it.

I think the next lace knitting goal will be to tackle a wedding ring type shawl.  I have several patterns, but some of my fellow knitters in the Knit Companion group have our eye on the Queen Susan.  Perhaps in the fall.  Any other takers out there for a knit along??

9 thoughts on “Goals

  1. The KALendar shawl is amazingly beautiful.

    Hope you’ll have someone on the sidelines with a camera to record your 5K and that you’ll share it with us.

  2. That KAL shawl is gorgeous, Dorothy! I’m still slogging away on the Advent shawl from 2010…… I looked at Haruni and thought it looked difficult, is it? Your Queen Susan one sure takes a lot of yarn! On a much smaller scale, I just finished a little outfit for Itty Bitty Twin, a Knitting at Knoon pattern that fits her perfectly. I bet you cold whip it off way faster than I did! Good for you for jogging! DH and I try to walk every day; our jogging days are done.

  3. You so make me look forward to retirement! Always on the go and doing new and fun things. Your energy is amazing – as is the jaw-dropping shawl.

  4. I’m impressed that you’re becoming a runner. It is hard to start that kind of exercise when you’re older. I began lifting weights in my 50s, and I have grown to like it, but I find it hard to convince those not used to exercise to bear with it until it starts feeling good. It looks as if you’re past that point.

    The KALendar shawl is breathtaking! I just stared at it with my jaw dropping. Were I not still in the midst of my Fair Isle foray, I might take you up on the Queen Susan. I’m actually thinking of swatching for my second Alice Starmore this week.

  5. Just downloaded the app and I may need to join your class. Good luck with the running. My knees won’t allow me, but I am enjoying Bikram yoga. My Olympic goal is to finish a WIP black Flaming Flowers. When I spend longer periods with it, the charts make more sense. Love your epic shawl!

  6. That shawl is even more beautiful than I imagined! Thank you so much for blocking and showing.
    Good luck with the running. I could never manage running even when I was ‘young’ enough to do it – bad ankles…

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