Sweet Obsession

I love making little baby things! However, at my age my friends are no longer having babies and I have all the grandchildren I'm going to get. Aside from the occasional great niece or nephew I really don't get a chance to knit for babies. So I was excited when our knitting group "adopted" the birthing center at our local hospital. The goal is for every baby to go home with a sweater, hat and small blanket. Here's my first offering:

This is a great little pattern from Leisure Arts. You can see the particulars on my project page. I made this little set in just two days. There was some car knitting involved, but still it was quick and easy. I did make some modifications to the hat. The notes are on the project page. One blanket is finished, but needs to be blocked before a photo and another is in the works.

In other news, there has been a change of plans regarding the half marathon. Several weeks ago during my 10 mile run, my left knee seized up on me at mile 7.5. I thought I would just walk the last few miles, but by 8.5 miles, I was really hurting. Hubby picked that opportune moment to call me and I had him come pick me up. Since then I've been icing, stretching, foam rolling and strengthening. It has gotten a lot better, but it still hurts to run. The good news is that I can walk – and I can walk fast. I've done one 8 mile walk that came very, very close to the time it took me to run it. So instead of running the half, I will be walking it. After all, 13.1 miles is 13.1 miles, right? The other good thing is that this will be sustainable and I think I've even talked hubby into joining me – not on the half, but on future, shorter walks.

In sewing news, I've had a little doorstop in our bedroom made for me almost 20 years ago by one of my Sunday School students. Over the years it's suffered the slings and arrows of fate, including having the face chewed off by Maggie when she was a puppy. It finally bit the dust last week, so I made a new one:

Not much else to report, so I'll leave you with pictures of the girls. I can't believe Isobel will be 8 in a few weeks. And don't you just love Mei-Mei's gap toothed smile?




5 thoughts on “Sweet Obsession

  1. Glad to hear your knee is cooperating and at least letting you walk! The hospital will be delighted with your group’s efforts. My quilt group knits for the UW neonatal unit, and I know they are grateful. Cute GK photos! They grow too fast, don’t they?

  2. Cute little pattern. Another coworker is expecting so I get to work on another baby sweater.

    Wow, you are a fast walker! Sorry about the knee. Walking is so much easier on the knees than running, anyway, and hopefully your husband will join you often.
    The girls are such cuties; Isobel is still loving her sweater, I see!

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