Change of Pace

Many years ago, just after I got married, I was into crochet in a big way. One year everyone got intricate doilies for Christmas. Strangely enough I didn’t keep many for myself, so few remain. Recently I was reading my favorite blogs and came across a cute little baby blanket crocheted by Vera. She kindly responded to my inquiries about it, I did some stash diving, rustled up the correct size hook and went to town.

I’m finding the crochet a nice change of pace. I don’t think I’ll be jumping ship from knitting anytime soon, but may do more than one of these little blankets for our hospital project. They do go fast!

I’ve been working away on Dark and Stormy and am into the long slog of the shawl collar. I only have an inch and a half to go, but it’s so heavy that it’s not much fun to work with. I’m getting a little nervous about the fit. The sleeves are too long, but that’s easily fixed since it’s knitted top down. But the shoulder area seems a little “wonky”. In looking at other finished projects some of them seem that way too, so I guess it remains to be seen if that will block out, and if not, can I live with it?

Can’t seem to figure out how to rotate the picture in Blogsy – I’ll work on that!

I’m planning a big lace project for my summer knitting. As soon as I saw Fire Dance I knew I had to do it. I preordered the kit in a gradience with beads. Yeah, call me crazy. First, though, I have to finish Evenstar. The body is finished and I have made three aborted attempts to start the border. I made the mistake of trying to work on it when I was tired. Late at night with size 11 seed beads is not a good combination! Perhaps it’s just as well that I had to frog back because I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have enough beads. I can’t remember where I got these, so can’t get more. So I ordered enough size 8’s, which is what the pattern calls for. I also ordered a beader from the Gossamer Web. Every time I turned around I was dropping beads off my crochet hook, so I think this will be less frustrating. I’ll give a full report when It gets here.

In other news, I’m going to be reopening my Etsy shop. I see a market for iPad and Kindle cases and have found a design that is versatile and open to so many ideas for decoration. Here are a few of my prototypes.

They are fully lined with no raw edges and have an outside zippered pocket. They will fit an iPad mini (with Smart Cover), a Kindle Fire and of course, any of the smaller Kindles or other ereaders. They do not fit the larger iPads, but if these go over well and there is an interest, I may offer those as well. And they can certainly be used for other things as well. Stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “Change of Pace

  1. I used to crochet a lot, too. The same Grandma who taught me to knit also taught me to crochet. I especially liked it for blankets and afghans, too!
    Love your Dark and Stormy. And all the new bags!
    (And I knew AnnaMarie would be in for a Corgi one!)

  2. BTW, How much will you charge for the Knit Fast/Die Warm iPad cover. I have a large iPad, so it won’t fit, but I’ll use it for something else. A tote bag with design would be really cool as well.

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