Slow Going

The problem with hand quilting is that the going is pretty slow and after a while all the progress photos look pretty much the same. 


 The good news is that I am on the last wide border and then all that is left are four smaller borders and some fill in quilting on the inside. The quilting I have on some parts doesn't quite fill up the space adequately and I need to add some more leaves or something.


 I really am anxious to get this done and move on to something else! After ten years of marriage I am finally making a quilt for my daughter-in-law. In my defense, it's taken me this long to really get an idea of what she would like. Once we decided, I quickly popped over to the quilt shop on the neighboring island and bought the fabric before either one of us could change our mind.


This is a little departure for me. I don't normally lean toward scrap quilts, although I like the look. But I just don't seem to be capable of being totally scrappy. For this quilt, I used Donna Lynn Thomas' guidelines for a more "planned" scrap quilt. I used the print as my idea fabric and Abby liked it well enough that it will also be the border. I'm especially pleased at all the beiges I found – I think this will add a lot of interest. The blocks will be Monkey Wrench, but I really haven't thought too much ahead on how to set them. Probably something fairly simple. The quilting will also have to be pretty simple, especially in the print border. I had thought to wait on this until October when I go to a quilting retreat. I thought it might be fun to have a new project to work on. But I doubt I will be able to wait that long!

On the knitting front I have discovered Amy Herzog. I took her "Fit to Flatter" Craftsy class and it's causing me to look at sweaters, and indeed my whole wardrobe, in a different way. I am determined to break away from my normal uniform of shapeless sweatshirts and jeans. I ordered one of her Custom Fit patterns and I'm anxious to see the result. The pattern I'm using is Acorn Trail. The back is done and blocking and I have started on the front.


I'm happy to report that Isobel's sweater was a big hit! There was a bit of a crisis when it was left behind at the dance studio just days after I gave it to her, but it was retrieved without incident. I have to chuckle at her photo – she was trying to look "cool". Nine years old and it has started already!!


Hope all the Moms out there had a great day. Hubby's gift to me was not only tomato plants, which he planted, but the promise to water them for the entire summer! It's a bit of a joke in our household that I start out with such great intentions on gardening and then forget to water. So this is really the perfect gift.


And more gardening goodness:




One thought on “Slow Going

  1. Oh, I love making scrappy quilts. Of course, half the fun is puttering through my fabric stash and dividing things into will-work/won’t-work piles…
    Love the colors in your new project, and I can see where the temptation would be strong to Start!Right!Now!

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