Lots of progress on the Mediterranean Shawl. Not much during the week, but I’ve been able to do some marathon sessions on the weekend. So, it should be done in a couple of months so I can wear it to the wedding. As long as they don’t move the date up (hear that guys?)! My husband laughs at me because I get very excited when I’m only months away from finishing a project. He says most people don’t get this excited until they’re days (or even hours) away. But being the obsessive personality that I am, I tend to pick very intricate patterns in fine yarns that take a long time. People say I must be really patient, but I’m not. In fact, I’m extremely impatient (just ask my husband!). But I am stubborn (or should that be doggedly determined?).

Speaking of stubborn, this might be a good time to address the title of my blog. Missouri Star seems like an odd name since I live in the Pacific Northwest. But I was born in Missouri and although I didn’t spend an enormous amount of time there because of my Dad’s Navy transfers, it still remains the “home” of my childhood. Several years ago my son was going to help me start a website. He had seen a quilt pattern called Missouri Star and thought it was an appropriate reference to my roots. Although the website didn’t pan out at the time, I liked the name and kept it. And we Missourians are know for our stubborness!

No knitting photos today, but how about some excessive pet sentimentality? This is Kirby, my Lhasa Apso. In this picture he is pouting because Abby (my future daughter-in-law) has just left and there is noone to spoil him rotten anymore. It is appropriate to show his picture because a little bit of him is knit into every project. His favorite place is next to me in my chair with my knitting or quilting draped over him.

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