Very little interesting knitting content to post. I have made a great deal of progress on the Mediterrainean shawl, but it’s not too exciting to talk about! Since Thursday a great deal of my time has been spent playing with my new toy. I got a new laptop. My old one was slowly dying and the budget approved a new one. I consulted my son, the computer expert, while he was here and he strongly recommended a Mac. It was a great leap of faith, but I heeded his advice and got an iMac G4. So far I really like it, although it’s taking some time to learn all the differences. The only glitch is in the photo editing program – I can’t get it to work at all. So no photos this week. But the nice people at the Apple Store in the city said to bring it in and they would help me, even though I didn’t buy it there. Now that’s customer service! Is that why Mac people show such loyalty? I also need to figure out how to get it to work with my Palm. I also bought a recipe editing program so I can try (again) to get organized in that area. I became a vegetarian about 8 months ago and meal planning takes a little thought, since my husband still eats meat. He’s very accomodating, so I try to plan meals with both of us in mind. Not impossible, but takes more thought than before. Hopefully by next week I will at least have photos to share. Of something!

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