No new knitting news today because it’s the same old boring thing – border, border, border. I keep plugging away on the border of the Mediterranean shawl. Interesting to do, but not to talk about. I did make one new minor yarn purchase – one ball of washable acrylic to make a dog sweater for my son’s dog. He has a little Chinese Crested (the ones with no hair) that desparately needs a sweater to keep him warm. I think that will be my travel knitting when we go to London.

I was successful in finding a dress for the wedding. It turned out to be fairly painless. The best thing is that the dress is very, very comfortable, will be suitable for cool weather or hot and is quite adaptable for post-wedding wear. And it was on sale! I guess the fashion in England is to wear hats for weddings. I’m not a hat person, so I’ve told my son’s fiancee that the jury is out on that one. I think I’ll go looking with her when we get there and I may cave if I can find one that doesn’t make me look utterly ridiculous.

The newest update on the wedding is that it is going to be on the London Eye. I have to admit to some reservations initially because I am terrified of heights, but after reading some of the information Ben and Abby sent me, I think I will be just fine.

No pictures today because I’m away from home and don’t have my camera. I do have some time off this week, so with any luck I might be able to figure out the logistics in joining a webring. Slowly but surely I’m learning about blogging, but it can get complicated! Have a great week all.

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