Ever wonder what 1532 stitches on a needle looks like? Wonder no longer:P6060034
Yes, it looks like one, big huge mess. Actually, it’s not too bad now since I switched to a 60 inch needle. That many stitches on a 40 inch needle was no fun at all! It was little difficult getting the pattern set up, but now that it’s established, its going along smoothly.

In looking at my last few posts, does it sound as if I am slightly obsessed by this shawl? I admit I probably am. I’m sure that my husband would attest to the fact that I can get pretty wrapped up in my projects at times. It usually happens at the beginning, when I’m infatuated, or at the end, when I can see the end in sight. This can especially happen when I’m reaching the end of a very lengthy project, such as this shawl. And of course, when I have a deadline that I’m working toward. And I do have one – the wedding has been moved up! Right now the proposed date is August 7th. I’ve been looking online for a very basic, dark dress – probably sleeveless or short sleeved in case the weather is hot. I think the shawl would look fabulous against a dark background. My sister and I did some preliminary shopping yesterday and narrowed down the field. Shopping is definitely not at the top of my list (unless it’s yarn or fabric!), but we persevered and hopefully I can narrow the field down further this next weekend.

And, speaking of yarn shopping – here is my latest purchase. P6060036 Fifteen skeins of Noro Silk Garden in color #86. Yummy! And here is the intended project. Tilt0004My LYS is doing a knit along and I couldn’t resist. From what I understand, the knitting is pretty easy, but the finishing takes awhile. AAH – my favorite part. But I think the end result will be worth it. Of course, I need another project like the proverbial hole in the head, but when has that ever stopped me? This will probably end up a gift – does that excuse it? And for that matter, why do we feel we need an excuse? Maybe just our guilty female nature, huh?

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  1. I have the yarn for Tilt as well. Fell in love with it on sight. I actually started working on it and had SERIOUS gauge issues. First off I coudln’t get both row and stitch gauge without a lot of sampling with different needle TYPES not just sizes. With this pattern both gauges are important cause of the diagonal pieces.

    I had some other gauge problems as well that had to do with the yarn itself varing from skein to skein so I put it on the back burner. Too bad I can’t join your knitalong, maybe I’d be inspired to finish it!

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