I try to be good, really I do! About 8 months ago I embarked on an exercise program – 30 minutes a day on my stationary bike. Beginning this week I added a strength training regimen. This morning as I was lying on the floor doing ab crunches, Kirby decided that any activity that didn’t include him as a major player was simply not acceptable. When a few well placed kisses on the ear elicited only a “Go away stupid dog!”, he decided to sit on my chest. In case you were wondering, ab crunches with 14 pounds of dog on your chest are no fun! I guess you could make the point that that only adds more resistance, but I’m not up to that level of fitness yet! He said he was sorry, but I don’t think he looks sorry.P6250001_1

On the knitting front I’ve decided to take a look at some projects that are nearing completion and focus on one in addition to the shawl. I need to feel that I’m making progress on something! Last week it was the Multidirectional Scarf; this week it will be the Master Knitters Program, Level I. My goal this weekend is to finish the four remaining swatches. I’m not sure if I’ll get the rest done before leaving for England, but wouldn’t that be loverly? Oh no, I’m thinking with a British accent already!

I did start Tilt , but no pictures yet because the piece I have doesn’t really make sense until you have the mirror image piece to go with it. Maybe by next week. No evening meetings this week, so I should get in some good quality knitting time. Next weekend I get four days off, but will be helping my sister move, so there will probably be little knitting accomplished. Have a good week all.

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  1. Ouchy, lets not even mention ab crunches. I crunched mine a good one at the gym on Friday and they still hurt ::laugh::.
    I read down your blog and see you’re getting a Mini Cooper, too. Rick (my hubby) is on the “list to get on the list” for a Cooper S.

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