Well, poop! That’s not exactly what I’m thinking, but being the lady I am and all . . . . This weekend was not exactly stellar knitting-wise. First of all, I discovered I had made a mistake on the border of the Mediterranean Shawl, about 10 rows back. That’s a month’s worth of knitting. It involved about 8 stitches but I was able to drop just those 8 back and do a rudimentary fix, but because I had eliminated some yo’s did not have enough yarn to do a perfect job. I had decided to just live with it because I was NOT ripping out a month’s knitting. For me that was a major decision – I am somewhat obsessive over my knitting. I had just about come to grips with letting it be when I happened to glance down and realized that I AM RUNNING OUT OF YARN!!! Yes, I am shouting, screaming, stamping my dainty little foot. How could this happen? I bought enough yarn according to the pattern. Of course, I realize now that I am probably off on the gauge, but wasn’t worried about that since it is a shawl and doesn’t have to “fit”. You would think that in 40+ years of knitting I would have learned that gauge affects more than just fit.

At this point, my options are to 1) In a fit of pique, frog the entire thing. No, I don’t think so. 2) Frog just the border and find another border pattern that doesn’t take as much yarn. Possible, but the border was what drew me to the shawl in the first place, and I think it really makes it. But it is certainly something to consider. 3) Try to find yarn to match. Hmmm – preferable, but iffy. I bought this yarn about 4 years ago in Oregon. It was during my disorganized period and I can’t even find the labels. So my decision is to cram it into a sack and put it in a corner for now. Obviously it won’t be done for the wedding, but I had sorta resigned myself to that anyway.

On the plus side (who says I’m not the eternal optimist?) this frees me up for other projects and I picked up Ingeborg, who was feeling quite abandoned. I loved knitting on her and have made quite a bit of progress, hence a picture:


I really love the feel of the Baby Ull. It is absolutely one of my all time favorite yarns. It is a pleasure to work with and it wears and washes well. Maybe I can actually get this done in time for the cold weather. And I can’t wait for the cold weather to return. It’s been in the upper 70’s and low 80’s here – too hot for me! My parents, who live in southern Missouri, land of 95 degrees and 95 percent humidity have no sympathy at all. Can you imagine? They think we are heat wimps and they are absolutely right!!

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  1. I know what you mean about “letting it go” when it comes to knitting, or anything. I am a huge perfectionist. I applaude you! Hey-how about a different color on the border, either a big change or a subtle shade change. Could work. And good luck with the fitness plan. It is a bit tough to get started, but the best thing is that even after a short time of consistent work, you really start to feel better. Even before you notice that you look better, you feel better.

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