After 5 days in England I think I am finally starting to get over jet lag. I still tend to fall asleep about 2:00 in the afternoon, but I’m not up at the crack of dawn. We’ve had a wonderful time visiting with our kids and doing touristy things. Yesterday we went to London and visited the London Eye and talked to the wedding planner. Afterwards we took a lunch cruise down the Thames. Tomorrow is the big day and I think everything is ready! A limo will pick us up here in Harpenden and drive us into London to the Eye. There we will be escorted onto our own private gondola where the ceremony will be performed 400 some-odd feet over London. On the way down we’ll celebrate with champagne. From there we walk to a French restaurant where we’ll have a celebratory dinner. The limo will then take the newlyweds to a hotel and drop us off back at home. It should be a fun day!

While sitting around visiting with the kids, I did finish this project:


Doesn’t he look elegant? I think Blue is quite pleased with himself. It was kind of fun knitting something so small – it went very quickly. Who knows, I may knit another one while I’m here, although I’m kind of keen on casting on for the Making Waves socks. Hmmm – I’m sounding like a Brit already. Hopefully sometime tonight my kids will help me set up a photo album where I will post all of our England and wedding pictures.

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  1. Ohhh! Sounds so romantic. Can I come? Yuor doggie is sooo cute…especially in his newly knitted vest. He looks absolutely smashing in it!! That is a great picture. 😉

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