Well, we survived the wedding! It was a wonderful, exciting, fun and exhausting day. Everything went off without a hitch, and the ride on the Eye was a piece of cake. It was so smooth and slow, with no sway at all, so you really didn’t feel the height. I even walked over and looked down! The ceremony was beautiful and we were all doing great until Abby started crying. That loosened up everyone’s tear ducts and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house (or in the gondola, as it were).


And here is a picture of me with the lovely ladies of the wedding party:


For more pictures of the wedding and our travels in England, look in the photo albums in the sidebar.

Yesterday we spent touring Salisbury, Stonehenge and Bath. Today we are relaxing and tomorrow we will spend the day in St. Alban’s. Then Saturday it’s home and a whole day to recover before going back to work. That’s probably rather poor planning on our part – we should have had an extra day in there to get over our jet lag. I guess the positive thing is that at least we won’t have any trouble getting up to go to work. We’ll just be ready for bed as soon as we get home!

I have accomplished some knitting while I’ve been here. I finished Blue’s sweater and started on my Making Waves socks. With all of the waiting time during our trip home I may even get the first one done. I haven’t found them to be a particularly quick knit, but I am using a cable needle and that slows me down. I tried doing the cables without, but the stitches are so tiny and my yarn is a little slippery and I kept dropping stitches. At least with the cable needle I’m not constantly picking up stitches.

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