I’m sitting at the computer watching the rain pour down outside. It looks wonderful! We Pacific Northwesterners love our rain and it has been a really dry summer. I’m so anxious for fall to come. It’s hard to knit when it’s hot and humid.

This week has really been a tough one for us. Neither one of us has bounced back from our jet lag very well. Just getting old? It could be too that we spent more time there and our bodies were more adjusted to London time. But we’re getting there. We can actually stay up until 9:00 p.m. now! Just like the grown-ups. Bill still hasn’t heard about his early retirement. The deadline was supposed to be the 16th, but this is the federal government, so what can you expect?

On the knitting front I’ve been plugging away on my Making Waves socks. I was distressed to discover that I am running out of yarn, even though I supposedly bought the right amount. Fortunately a speed run to the yarn shop yielded the last two skeins in the right dye lot. Do those of you with a LYS nearby really appreciate it? I hope so! I have to go off island – not a terribly long trip, but can be dicey if there’s an accident on the two lane road. Which there was today. Coming home I barely got onto the island when I got caught in a several mile long backup due to an accident. But I got a few rows of knitting done while waiting and was grateful I wasn’t actually in the accident – thank goodness it didn’t look too bad. But even a fender bender can tie traffic up for an hour.

School officially starts Monday, so my knitting progress may come to a screeching halt. For those of you who don’t know, I am currently, at the belated age of 54, working towards my bachelor’s degree. I am a junior at Washington State University, but have been plugging along for about six years now. I figure by the time I graduate it will be a ten year process. But there’s only so many credits I can take and continue to work full time. However, by the end of next semester I should be a senior!! I’m hoping that I will be able to keep up on my blogging, at least on a weekly basis, but we shall see.

And, no knitting photos this week, but this cute picture from our vacation. Three worn out little boys! The one without fur is my husband.


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  1. Where in the Pacific NW are you?? I’m in Lakewood, south of Tacoma. I have also been loving the rain. I’ve always said you can tell real Washingtonians…when the sun shines too many days in a row we complain that it hasn’t been gray and rainy enough! That’s a cute picture…must have been a really interesting newspaper!

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