I’m going to be a grandma! Ooooh – thiat sounds so good, let me try it again. I’m going to be a grandma! Wow, sounds just as good the second time around. The newlyweds have wasted no time in starting their family. Thanks guys! Although, sorry about the morning sickness, Abby. I have promised my husband I will not go overboard (tho his idea of “overboard” and mine may vary), but I couldn’t resist buying my grandchild his/her first stuffed animal:


A sheep, of course. And of course, baby knitting must commence as soon as possible. To that end, I hope to go yarn shopping tomorrow. I’m thinking a newborn set out of the new Dale Stork cotton. Has anyone out there used it? Any feedback? And of course, a baby afghan. I’m feeling particularly ambitious right now and am thinking one pink, one blue, just in case. But cooler heads will probably prevail and I’ll go with a unisex color.

And Bill’s retirement has come through! As of September 30, he will be officially retired. He’s already using up some leave and has been home for the past two weeks. He’ll go back about a week before retirement to tie up some loose ends and then that’s that! He is outrageously happy and wanders around with this silly grin on his face, although becoming a grandpa probably has something to do with that, too. I am somewhat envious, as retirement is still a few years away for me. But I must admit that he is taking over a lot of the household chores and has taken a huge burden off me. He will probably get some kind of part-time job for awhile and I will miss having him picking up the slack at home.

I do have an FO to report:


I finished my Making Waves socks. I like the look of them, although they could fit a little better. I was reading another blog (sorry, but forgot whose) and she mentioned liking the fit of toe-up socks better. I think I have to agree. The flap heel always comes out a little bulky for me. A short row heel seems to be slimmer and more snuggly. In light of recent events, I may have to pace myself and will probably drop out of the Six Socks knitalong, although I have some time to decide. Must get priorities straight. And working, school and knitting for baby will leave plenty on my plate!

4 thoughts on “

  1. Congratulations Grandma! How exciting.

    Your Making Waves look beautiful. Too bad about the fit. It seems that fit has been a common problem with that pattern.

    I’m almost done with my first sock and have to admit it could be fitting better. But it’s not fitting bad enough to frog.

  2. Hi!

    I am so inspired by your site, and although I cannot knit well, I have an angora sweater (fair Isle style I think) that has been badly attacked by months! I am devestated, it happened while I was moving across the country.
    Do you or any one you know from the knitting community have the knowledge of fixing a sweater that has been made holy?
    Thank you,

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