I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted. Plus, I think I goofed in my archiving choices because my previous post has already been archived. I guess that’s how you learn about blogging – by trial and error! But never fear, I’m still here. Becoming a grandma has not caused me to go completely over the edge! Part of the reason for falling behind is that I’ve been too busy to take pictures and I much prefer blogs with pictures. I’ve also been terribly busy with school. This past weekend we took a drive across the state to WSU so that I could attend a seminar and my husband could attend a football game. Both were successes. WSU won by a huge margin and the professor said those of us attending the seminar did not have to submit a paper! I found that being on campus and meeting with my advisor and fellow students really gave me a lot of encouragement.

I am in full gear on the baby knitting front. I decided on a unisex color for the afghan and bought both blue and lavendar of the Dale Stork for sweater sets. Pictures will follow later in the week. I have some time off from work, so in between studying I hope to get in some blogging catch up time. See you then!

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