Rain, rain everywhere. I think fall is officially here. The ground is squishing and mushrooms have overtaken our front yard. So nothing to do but sit inside and knit! Well, and study too. I spent so much time on my paper Friday I worked myself into a bad headache. Gotta learn to pace myself. I did take time out to take Kirby to the groomer. This is a new lady and he came out a little shorter than I really like, but doesn’t he look cute in his little pumpkin scarf?


I also made progress on the blue baby sweater:


I also have one sleeve done and am up to the armhole shaping on the other. I should have that done today and then need to start sewing. I absolutely hate sewing up sweaters. I have an Elspeth Lavold sweater for me that is sitting in the basket all finished except for the sewing up. I just can’t make myself do it. This should be a little better because those are pretty short little seams. As I mentioned before, the Stork is a lovely yarn. This is my first experience ever knitting with cotton and it can be a little tiring on the hands.

And, Friday night Bill and I went out with my boss and his wife to celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. Thanks sweetie – it’s been a great 32 years – here’s to 32 more!


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  1. Kirby is a cutie! He looks even smaller than my fourteen pound fur babies. Bet he’s a smart little guy.

    Congrats on the thirty-two years. We just celebrated twnety-nine. Seems like yesterday.

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