Wow – two posts in one week! Just goes to show what can happen when I don’t have to work. I’ve had most of the week off and only have to work tomorrow (whine, whine). I’ve gotten a lot of school work done and taken one exam. I thought the exam was terribly hard and then came to find out that the professor had sent all the students a study guide for the exam. Except me!! Talk about feeling paranoid. All of this came to light because she returned a paper I had written with a B+, indicating that it was very well written and would have been an A if I had followed the guidelines she had sent the class. And I wrote back – WHAT guidelines? She checked, and sure enough, no guidelines for me. So she’s going to revisit my grade on that and will perhaps even cut me a break on my exam. Sigh!

And look at this – cute, huh? Pa200012
This is the little boy set, all done except for buttons and blocking. I’m not making any booties because I hate knitted baby booties – they won’t stay on. I’ll buy some of the little stay-on socks to match. I’ve cast on for the little girl set. At this rate, I’ll be done by Christmas! Just a little grandma adrenaline going, don’t you know?

Being this far ahead has gotten me interested in revisiting some languishing projects. Remember the Mediterranean Shawl? Absence really has made the heart grow, if not fonder, at least less nauseous! I made a decision – I will frog! I know, I know, that’s about 6 months worth of work, but I am a firm believer that continuing a wrong does not make a right. In pulling out the shawl and looking at it:

I realized that it is already HUGE! Trying to plug on and getting a dubious match on the yarn resulting in a mismatched border just doesn’t make sense. (For those of you just tuning in, I ran out of yarn on the border). So, I am ripping and will find a small edging border to replace the very wide leaf border. It’s already got some beautiful patterns in it and I don’t think leaving out the wide border will diminish it in any way. Of course, it will probably take me a while to rip it out, winding the yarn as I go and when I get down to the shawl itself I will have some “live” stitches that will take some real finesse not to drop. That will have to be done on a day when I can devote my full attention to it. So, it sits in my sewing room in the corner with the yarn winder to await periodic attention.

And, breaking news! Just got an email from my professor that she is raising the grade on my paper to an A+. She reviewed the outdated syllabus that I was using, and she said I followed those guidelines perfectly and it was an outstanding paper. Yahoo!!

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  1. Congratulations on that A+. Very impressive. Glad the prof made it right for you. Bet the rest of the class goes better now that you know what’s really going on.

    Love the baby set. I need to start knitting little things soon. Ultrasound is November 15, so I’m waiting to hear the sex. Hope the grandchild cooperates.

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