Here’s what little puppies get into when Mom and Dad are away:
The little one up to his eyeballs in toilet paper is Pistage while Blue looks on from his beanbag saying, “Who, me? I’m innocent!” These little darlings belong to my son and daughter-in-law.

And tomorrow, Bill flies out to pick up his new toy:


Some of you may recall that he sold his 1958 BMW Isetta this summer to a guy in San Francisco. This is the replacement and Bill is going down (to San Francisco, no less) to pick it up. I told him he could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he had found it earlier and combined the trips. He’s going to drive this back to Washington, but it’s equipped with more up to date safety features than original, so I feel a little better. But it’s still awfully small to be out on the road with all the big guys.

On the knitting front I am taking a break from baby knitting on tiny needles and am working on Tilt (see June 6th post). This is Noro Silk Garden and I do like working with it, despite the occasional piece of grass. It’s fun watching the colors develop. This has been a relatively quick knit and now I’m on the long straight pieces – no shaping, just stockinette stitch, which is nice for a change. I know I’ll get tired of it soon enough and want to go back to intricate stuff on teeny weeny needles. But I do need to get cracking on Tilt, because it’s a promised Christmas present for my sister (it’s ok, she doesn’t read my blog and she already knows it’s coming) and I certainly don’t want her to think she’s less important than the new grandbaby.

Got lots to do today before we leave for Seattle – bills, laundry, all those fun things. Have a great weekend all.

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  1. That picture reminds me of the time a relative’s dalmation got into a box of office supplies while they were gone. She strung a whole cassette of black typewriter ribbon (this was a LONG time ago!) all around their home, including through their white-carpeted family room. It looks like those two are completely worn out from their tough day!

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