I feel a little guilty . . . I’ve been keeping up with everyone elses’s blogs, but haven’t posted here in awhile. I hope you all have me on Bloglines so you’re not continually checking here for nothing! But I will have you know, I’ve written two nine page papers and taken a final exam, so I’ve been busy nevertheless. Still don’t know what grades I received, but hope springs eternal for A’s. And I’ve not been entirely lazy on the knitting front. I finished this:

It’s the little girl’s set! I really love the little hat with the ruffles! It sure does look small, though. I need to dig out one of my son’s newborn sweaters and compare. I remember thinking they were really small, but some of them didn’t fit him until he was a month old and he was average size.

I gave in to the temptation to start something new, too. But really, I had a good reason (really!). I was going to my knitting group and didn’t have anything mindless to knit on. So I started another baby afghan:

But I promise to be good and not start anything else until the one Christmas present I have left is done. Promise. Really.

And you have to check out this site.
These really are some ugly sweaters. I wonder if he has any takers on his calendar?

A fun weekend coming up – my sister and I are spending the weekend Christmas shopping and generally having fun in Seattle. I have to find my husband something else for Christmas. He gave me a wish list, but every time I turn around, he’s bought something off of it. As I recall, he did this last year, too. So he’s just going to have to settle for something I pick out for him. What a concept, huh? We have some friends who buy their own Christmas presents “from each other” and I just don’t understand that. If you buy it for yourself, it’s not a gift from the other person. My friend insists that’s the only way you can insure you’ll get something you like. But I think that’s missing the point – a gift is something the other person wants you to have. Over the years, my husband and I have had some hits and misses, but we always know the gift is from the heart and it means so much more that way.

Hope I’m not so long in posting next time. Semester is over and although I have a class that extends into next semester I have no deadlines. Hooray!

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