Tilt is done!


I had to really scrunch the sleeves to get it all in the picture. Once it’s dry I’ll put in on a real body and you should get a better idea. This is my sister’s Christmas present. It’s ok – she doesn’t read my blog. Or if she does, it’s at work since she doesn’t have a computer at home (Shame on you Claudia, if you are reading this. Get back to work!!). And, it’s not a total surprise. I gave her the yarn for her birthday with the promise of the sweater for Christmas. Lately about all I’ve been able to finish are things that have deadlines! Except this:


I was noticing that my iPod was getting scratched. I looked at cases, but they were so expensive. I just used some leftover sock yarn and voila! An iPod sweater. My son is convinced that I could get a little cottage industry going making these, but I’m not so sure. For one thing, to sell something you need inventory, which means knitting whether you feel like it or not. And that takes some (or all) of the joy out of it. Anyone out there knit for profit? Any input? I have knit for barter. A dentist I worked with once was a very talented potter. His pots sold for upwards of $200 and at the time I certainly could not afford that. He wanted an Aran knit sweater and offered to barter for it. In the end, he was so pleased with his sweater that he gave me two pots, a bowl, a colander and a set of goblets. He made the point that time-wise he still got the better bargain and he was probably right.

Now that my deadline baby knitting and Christmas knitting is over, I need to get back to some languishing projects. There are two Dale sweaters, plus an Elspeth Lavold and an Alice Starmore that only need to be sewn together. I think for the new year I’m going to make myself the challenge to knit a pair of CIC socks each month. That shouldn’t be too hard – a little toddler sock should only be one or two evenings’ work. And I think I will start with the Toddler Basketweave socks – courtesy of Marguerite.

Well, gotta run and get ready for a party. It’s the last of the Christmas parties tonight and I’m so glad. I am NOT a party person. I’m not really shy, but I can deal with people one-to-one much better than in large groups. I tend to be a wallflower and look for an available excuse to go home. After all, I could be home knitting!

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  1. I personally think that knitting for $$ would suck every bit of joy out of it. But, I have also bartered for things that I really wanted that were out of my price range.

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