At times like this it seems somewhat frivolous to post about knitting and Christmas presents and things that all seem so trivial. I guess what we can do is appreciate the many things we are blessed with and share what we can with relief organizations. Our Christmas was relatively quiet, dampened by the fact that my mother-in-law was in the hospital. The good news is that she seems to be better, although that is a relative term. She has been released to a nursing home and will hopefully be able to move back into the assisted living facility within a couple of weeks. Sadly, she seems to be losing a lot of her cognitive abilities, although that may be due to some of the strong pain medications she is on. Only time will tell in that area.

My sister’s sweater was a big hit! Although she knew I was working on it, she seemed genuinely surprised that I got it done in time for Christmas. Oh ye of little faith. The gorilla sleeves really were too long for her, so while my hubby cooked Christmas dinner (turkey and all the trimmings – although some of us helped with the trimmings!), I snipped the sleeves and knitted the cuffs down. She wanted a turn back cuff. I let her get away without a picture, though. My husband made me a beautiful corner cabinet! I knew he was building something, but expected a small box, not a piece of furniture.


And here is a cute picture of Kirby tolerating (barely) a little puppy that barks “Jingle Bells” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.


The only glitch in Christmas dinner was the dishwasher door getting stuck in the closed position (hey, at least the dishes were clean!). By the next day Bill had gotten it open and figured out a way to rig a little handle to open it up. However, when I tried it, a shower of sparks ensued and I suspected a new dishwasher was in our future. I know – we could certainly do dishes by hand, but a dishwasher is one of the luxuries we allow ourselves.

Post Christmas knitting has been Marguerite’s Old Shale Two Socks. Sock #1 is finished:


The heel is slightly different than her pattern. Why, you may ask? Ok, since you asked so nicely, because I misread the pattern. You just had to know, didn’t you? I was knitting merrily away doing what I thought was a standard slip stitch heel (which Marguerite called Eye of Partridge), when I realized that hers was a little different. After a flurry of emails with her I discovered that her slip stitches are offset, forming a little honeycomb (hmmm – eye of partridge?), while mine were lined up like little soldiers all in a row. I’m not going to rip this, but will try the EOP heel on the next pair. Yes, there will definitely be a next pair. I am loving this pattern! Thanks Marguerite for sharing. The only intentional change I made was to lengthen it a little after the cuff as I like a little higher sock. And I urge one and all to head over to Susan’s blog. She’s posting a cute sock pattern for sale and all the proceeds will go to Oxfam for tsunami relief.

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  1. Love the corner cabinet. What a wonderful Christmas present.

    Did he make it in a workshop where you live and you didn’t peek?

    How fun to see how you tweeked the sock pattern. The heel looks just lovely. So glad you like the pattern. Hope you’ll let me post the picture on my blog.

  2. I love that corner cabinet!! Something I’ve always wanted. It’s beautiful. Your Old Shale socks look great and I will be doing some myself soon. I have a new knitting blog. I wanted a place to show of my knitting and the Kraft Kitties blog seems more for the rubber-stamping in my group. So, if you have a moment, stop by. Not much there yet.

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