Aah – the New Year! A time for reflection, for looking past and looking forward. I have to tell you I am a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I know, most of them are probably broken. But when have any of us started a new habit without a few false starts? Resolutions give you a chance to make a fresh start and to try again to improve. I only have a few this year. Number one is to simplify! That means not starting so many new projects. Now don’t get me wrong – there is nothing morally inferior to starting lots of new projects. But when I completed those two sweaters within a week, I had such a feeling of relief! I realized that having baskets of unfinished projects around was cluttering up my life and causing me stress. I know that I do need different types of projects to keep me going, but it does seem a little much to have THREE Norwegian sweaters going. So I am going to start finishing and then limit myself to one of each type of project. Remember, you heard it here first and you are perfectly welcome (if you remember) to gently poke me if I stray. Gently.

The second resolution is to be more frugal. I like the depression quote, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” So I’m going to try and not buy so much this year. Whew, I’m glad we’ve already replaced the dishwasher! The government finally saw fit (after 3 months of retirement) to let us know how much we will be getting. We ran our budget and will be fine without Bill working at all if we’re careful. He will eventually do something, but in the meantime it will not hurt us to learn to economize. My airfare to England to see the new baby is already in savings so there shouldn’t be a whole lot we can’t do without.

And finally, the third resolution is one I make every year – to lead a healthier lifestyle. Mostly for me that means getting up and getting exercise. I’d so much rather sit in my chair and knit or quilt. I’ve read before that the key to a healthy exercise program is finding something you love. I hate it all! But the exercise I hate the least is my recumbent bike. There’s something enticing about being able to sit down while you exercise. Do I sound lazy? I’m not really – I very rarely just sit. But at least with the bike I can listen to books on tape to help the time pass. And I could kill two birds with one stone and study as well.

So there you have it folks. I encourage all of you to make resolutions! We can hold each other accountable and if not, at least be there to forgive each other when we stumble. And, in the light of my new resolutions, I am really, really hoping to have a FO to show you next post. Hold onto your hats! That would make three within a month!!

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