Well, I succumbed – to Rogue. But then, you knew that, didn’t you? It didn’t take a psychic to predict that I would. It all started innocently enough (as these things usually do). I bought the yarn for Rogue with the gift certificate my parents gave me for Christmas (Thanks, Mom & Dad!). Of course, once I got it home I just had to wind at least a few skeins into balls. And what harm could there be in doing a gauge swatch? This was actually quite an advancement for me. My history with fit on my sweaters has been hit or miss, mainly due to the fact that I hate to do swatches. I always figure it will fit someone! But this time I really wanted it to fit me, so I not only did a swatch, I washed and blocked it. See?

Exciting, huh?


Then one fateful evening a couple of days ago, my husband had gone to bed early because he didn’t feel well. There I was, in between projects (more on that later), unsupervised (yeah, like he really would have stopped me) and with three hours of Mystery to watch (which just begged for a new project)! Next thing you know, I had cast on and was knitting merrily away. I have to tell you I could probably knit with nothing else but Cascade 220. I love the feel of this yarn! The colors are probably a little plain Jane, but then, so am I. And I can tell this project is going to be lots of fun. Here is my progress so far:


I have reached the point at which the pocket begins and will lay it aside for a few days (yeah, right) because I promised a friend I would test knit a baby pattern for her. But it’s on Encore, size 8 needles and should go quickly. And, I can begin Rogue without guilt because in the last 6 months I have finished: a baby afghan, two baby sweater/hat sets, two pairs of socks, the Viking Turid for me and the Aranmor for my husband (both started at least two years ago) and (drum roll, please) THE MEDITERRANEAN SHAWL! Yes, indeedy – I finished it! I underestimated how quickly the border would go, and along with my obsession with it, voila! Fini! Pictures will follow as soon as I can set aside time to block it. That may take almost as long as the knitting.

On the school front I am making great progress on my Sociology class. I received my grade from the midterm – 92!! And this morning I submitted my fourth written assignment. In it I answered the following questions: If a lie detector could be made 100% accurate, where and when should it be used? (Nowhere! Freedom of thought is our most precious liberty and thought without action does not constitute a crime). Do immigrants benefit the U.S.? (Legal, yes, illegal, no, although in all honesty we must admit that cheap illegal migrant workers allow us cheap, abundant produce. Culturally, immigrants provide our otherwise ethnocentric society with valuable cultural diversity). Does free trade help or harm the environment? (Harms, because it allows large multinational corporations, who are not known for their social consciences, to export harmful environmental practices to poorer nations who are willing to trade their environment for economic advantages. We should be just as mindful of the environment of poorer countries – and their workers – as we should of our own.) So there you have my opinions in a nutshell. All I had to do was expand those thoughts into 9 pages, along with references and citations. Piece o’ cake. Rattling on has always been one of my long suits!

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  1. I knew you would start Rogue. At least you finished the shawl! Rogue is looking great. I’m at the same point as you on the body. Are you going to do the pockets? I’m not sure if I am…I just can’t decide.
    This is a fun knit. I love it! 🙂

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