I am such an idiot! I know, there are probably those out there (my siblings?) who are saying, “It took you this long to figure that one out?” Actually, I’m probably not an idiot, but there are some nights when you should just throw in the towel and figure out sooner, rather than later, that knitting is just not in the stars for you. I was so tired last night (first clue), and was ahead on my studies, so I decided to treat myself to a relaxing (?!) night of knitting. I started working on the little baby sweater that I am test knitting for a friend. I’m at the point where you start knitting the shoulders together. Ok, simple enough, right? Except that at the same time, you are doing short rows, kind of like rubbing your tummy and patting yourself on the head at the same time. The first time through I got about half done and realized that I was knitting from the outside rather than inside edge on one piece (or is it the other way around?). So I frogged. Second time around, again about halfway through, I realized that I had the sweater twisted, with one side outside in, the other side inside out (or is it the other way around?). I didn’t even have the heart to frog, just threw it in my knitting basket, where it still resides.

Now, at this point, a perfectly sane person would have seen the light. But oh no, not this girl. I picked up Rogue for a little relaxing knitting. Right. I ended up twisting cables the wrong way, not once, but TWICE!! Long story short – I knit for about 2 hours and ended up frogging every stitch I made. I realize I probably could just drop down the cables and pick them up correctly (and still may do so), but I knew better than to try it last night.

So, no knitting content. But Ann at Purling Swine has started a new web ring – Knitters with Minis. So for anyone logging on from the ring (see new button on the sidebar), I introduce Limey (1973) and Agatha (2004).


My husband says that my mini (Agatha) is larger and more luxurious, but his mini (Limey) is smaller and cuter. That’s up for debate – well, the cuter part anyway. Plus, Agatha has a really cool license plate:


Although my husband has been obsessed with cars for years, I have never been much of a car person – until now. This is the first time I’ve ever had a car that I thought deserved a name. It’s fun to see the reactions you get from all kinds of people – older couples, hippies, bikers and even high school boys. The other day a whole gaggle of teenage boys gave me a thumbs up. Not bad for a 55 year old grandma, huh?

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  1. limey makes agatha look like a ford explorer. anyway, i joined the ring as well. i have a chili red 2004 mini. she is nameless — haven’t found a name that fits — but i do refer to her as a her.. and not an “it”.

  2. I love both of your Minis!! Like you, I was never a car person – didn’t understand car people – until Onslow came along!

    ps. nice work with those teenage boys! 😉

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