Another one bites the dust! The Pacific Northwest Shawl (designer Evelyn A. Clark) before:


And after blocking:


Gratuitous pet photo at no extra charge.

I was surpised at how quickly this project went. I started it on February 28th and finished it last night – just a little over a month! And it wasn’t even the only project I worked on – I went to knitting camp and made a pillow, started and finished two baby surprise jackets, worked on a baby afghan and wrote a term paper. Plus keeping up with other schoolwork and working! No wonder I’m tired!

I can’t say this was the mostest fun project I’ve ever worked on. It certainly wasn’t a mindless knit – I had to keep the chart close by and marked off each row with a highlighter. There wasn’t a lot of instant gratification, either. The designs really didn’t pop out until I blocked it. And I can’t say I liked working on lace with size 6 needles. But I loved the yarn! Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud, two skeins of tide pool. Total cost – $7.98!!! Be still my cheapskate heart. All in all, I really like the finished product and am glad I did it.

Now I really, really need to get busy and finish the baby quilt before I find myself in a panic, stitching until midnight the week before we leave. It’s hard because I’m really in the mood to knit. My next knitting project will probably be the toddler size Wonderful Wallaby. By next week I’m hoping to have some really dynamite pictures for you. I just ordered a new digital camera – a Canon G6 (7.1. megapixels – woohoo). It’s probably more camera than I can handle, but I’d like to learn more about photography and since I got a bonus at work, figured this would be something both Bill and I would use a lot. After all, gotta have a really good camera to take pictures of the grandbaby – three weeks and counting!

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  1. Dorothy, it’s just delicious! What a beautiful shawl…since you seem to be the queen of shawls, I have a question. I got some lovely lace alpaca from my secret pal. I’ve never done a shawl and would love it if you could recommend a starter shawl for me?

  2. Thanks! In reply to Lynne’s question about a good starter shawl – I don’t have any specific suggestions. Believe it or not, my first shawl was my own design. I did put two books in the sidebar, though, that have a lot of good ideas, some of them suitable for a first shawl. If you’ve never done lace, the Stahman book is terrific because it has a lot of scarves so you can start out simply.

  3. Dorothy…that is one gorgeous shawl!!! I see what you mean about being in that kind of Pacific Northwest kind of mood. 🙂

    I wish I could get a zipper for my lovely Rogue.

  4. Wow, Dorothy, that shawl is amazing. I just bought some of that KnitPicks alpaca yarn and was thinking of making Nancy Bush’s scarf/shawl in the book, Scarf Style. Hmmmm . . . maybe I should rethink

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