The plan today was to go down to City Beach and take some pictures with the new camera to show you how beautiful it is in spring in the Northwest. Should have done it yesterday! It was beautiful, sunny, and in the high 50’s. Today it is overcast, cold and windy. Probably more typical weather for spring here, but not very conductive to picture taking. So instead you get model shots of the Pacific Northwest Shawl:



My husband says I look like Batgirl in the second shot, but I think it shows off the shawl nicely.

I’m still waiting on the needles so I can start the Wonderful Wallaby sweater. I can’t believe that with all the circular needles I have, I don’t have the right sizes. I also can’t believe that my LYS didn’t have them either and I had to mail order. The only yarn store on the island is quite small and only open limited hours. While it has a fairly decent supply of yarn, this was the first time I’ve needed needles (say that three times fast!) and was shocked at the paltry selection. I guess I could have gone off island, but they’ve been doing earthquake inspections of the bridge (for which I am eternally grateful) and traffic was down to one lane. Deception Pass is one of the most beautiful spots in the United States – go to this site to see some pictures. But it can be headache occasionally when you really want to go somewhere.

However, the break in knitting time has given me free time to work on the baby quilt. I realized that if I didn’t want to be panicking at the last moment, I really needed to get cracking on it. If I keep up this same pace I won’t have any trouble finishing it before we leave – only one month from tomorrow! I’m also finishing up my class on Child Abuse. I got the grade back on my term paper – 98 out of 100, plus 5 bonus points for handing it in early! Whew!! I told my husband I don’t know why I agonize so much over these papers, but maybe agonizing is why I get good grades.

And here is a picture of Kirby scoping out Hester. He hasn’t wanted much to do with her, but a few minutes ago I looked over and he was just sitting there, watching her sleep and wagging his tail. I think he figured she was safe if she was sleeping.


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  1. I agree with you. I think the picture shows off a beautiful shawl. And thanks for the encouraging words about my latest endeavor. šŸ™‚

  2. I’m still quite in love with that shawl and it looks divine on you. The little sweater you are knitting looks sweet as well. You are making great progress.

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