In the five minutes it was actually not raining this week I managed to get down to City Beach and get some nice spring pictures. This is what it looks like in my neck of the woods (between torrential rainstorms):



I’m really taken aback on a regular basis at what a beautiful place I get to live in.

Not much knitting accomplished this week because I’ve been working on Izzy’s quilt. I put the last stitches in today! All that’s left is to design and stitch on a label. I’ll get the basic design drafted out on the computer, but will wait until the baby’s born to put the final information on and print it out. You’re going to have to wait for a picture, though. Ben and Abby are regular readers of my blog and since I’ve published photos of all my knitting projects, I decided I wanted the quilt to be a surprise.

What little knitting I have done has been on the little Wonderful Wallaby sweater. I’m almost up to the armholes:


It’s not really as grey as it looks in the picture. It’s actually a very pretty heathery blue with purple flecks in it. This is Plymouth Encore and I think I’ve mentioned before how much I like this yarn. It’s a perfect choice for something that’s going to worn a lot (especially by a child) and thrown in the washer. It’s got just enough wool in it so that it doesn’t feel like plastic in your hands.

Once again, however, I find myself stymied by the lack of needles: #7 double points for the sleeves. And once again my LYS has failed me by not having them in stock. At least this time I had the common sense to call before driving down there. But my sister has come to the rescue – she will get them at her LYS and my husband will pick them up when he sees her this week. He’s driving down to do some work for her company.

And I finished my class on Child Abuse – with an “A”. One class closer to my degree. Between finishing that and the quilt, I’ve completed everything that had a deadline before leaving for England. Anything else done is gravy! So glad to have the pressure off!!

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  1. Wish you could send us some of your rain. This is the dryest April I can ever remember.

    We can’t even burn the leaves we’re raking up because there’s a burning ban – not that anyone with a lick of sense needs a ban to know burning it not smart right now.

    The weather has been so strange this year.

    Congrats on your A. Looking forward to seeing that quilt.

  2. Is that all trees on the beach. You do have lots of storms there!

    I decided to have someone put in my zipper on Rogue. I can’t seem to find a zipper that matches so I decided to use a dark brown. I hope she looks allright when she is done. It is not the color I would have liked but I want her DONE!

    We are supposed to get rain all weekend. Have a great weekend!

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