Ah – the sweet smell of success. After last week’s negative knitting fiasco, I have actually made progress. I decided I was not satisfied with the purple lace scarf – just too much air and not enough yarn for me. So I tried this:


Much better! The exciting part about all of this (at least for me – remember, my life is pretty dull if this constitutes excitement!), is that I charted this pattern from written directions. To find a pattern, I went to this book in my library:


Take a look at the price. Yes, that’s right! I paid $1.48 for this book – eons ago and who knows where. The problem is that the patterns are not charted, they are written out. Well, I’m a charting kind of knitter. I just refuse to do lace or Aran patterns that are not charted. In fact, I have a pattern for a beautiful Celtic cardigan that I would love to have, but have been putting off because it is not charted. However, I downloaded the Knitter’s Fonts and decided to give it a go. Here is the result:


Pretty cool, huh? It was challenging at first. Although we may read left to right and top to bottom, we knit in exactly the opposite directions – right to left and bottom to top. Therefore the pattern must be charted in that direction, which means reading the pattern that way. Once I got the hang of it, though, it wasn’t too terribly hard. So far, I’ve charted six patterns and test knit one – the purple scarf. I thought this would be a really fun project – making up a lace notebook. I could test knit the patterns out of scrap lace yarn (I have loads!), then mount them on the page with the chart. It would be a nice reference and would give me the opportunity to constantly cast on a new project!! Woo hoo! Semi-guilt free, too, because I wouldn’t be taking on a large project. Sometimes I just amaze myself with my ability to rationalize. But then I remind myself – this is a hobby, for Pete’s sake. I don’t need to rationalize!

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  1. Dorothy, I know about you through Stitches of Violet and here I am at last to be amazed and a little embarrassed at my own laziness. My gosh, you have a ton of really beautiful projects! And a lace notebook, yet!

    I can’t believe the price on the Barbara Walker book! When was that published? Doesn’t that make you feel like you robbed a bank!?!? LOL

    Now you’ve been bookmarked and I’ll check in often to see your latest endeavors.

  2. Great idea to make a lace notebook. I’d like to have one of those books, got another? Just kidding. . . not. I’ve hit a snag on my lace knitting. The count is not right. Tomorrow I will investigate the pattern. Could it be wrong? Happy knitting.

  3. What a treasure you got for $1.48!

    Your chart is very nice. What fun to write charts from the stitch patterns. I find doing things like that is almost as much fun as the knitting.

    The scarf is looking good. What size needle are you using?

  4. I am WAY impressed! I always do that by hand, I am no computer goddess, and it is always long and tiresome. I’m going to have to invest in something like that!

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