What a great start to the weekend! Today I met my first blogging buddy. Li of Life’s a Stitch was down from Canada and met me at our LYS. Well, as local as it gets around here – we both had to drive about an hour to get there. It was funny hearing my friends’ and relatives’ reactions when I told them I was going to the mainland to meet someone I had only previously met on the internet. “How do you know she’s who she says she is? What if it’s some kind of predator just pretending to be a woman?” Really now. Do you honestly think that someone would spend all that time knitting on Marina just to lure middle aged women into yarn shops for nefarious purposes? I don’t think so. Although she did make me buy this:


Other than being a terrible enabler (although you should see what SHE bought, so I’m an enabler, too), Li was a perfectly lovely lady. Despite the fears of my friends, I didn’t get the least hint that an axe murderer (or murderess) might lurk beneath her congenial exterior. We gabbed for two hours as if we were old friends. Lynn, her friend who came along for the ride, was very patient with us and a capable photographer. Thanks, Lynn. And of course, there was yarn:


And more yarn:


And Li brought me these:


She meant for them to be used as stitch markers, but my husband said they would make great earrings, so I’m not sure yet which I will use them for. What a thoughtful gift! Li also brought Marina, who was even more beautiful in person. I’m so impressed with the progress she is making. And I shared my lace with a very appreciative audience. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a nap. I’m exhausted!

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  1. Thanks, Dorothy, we had a great time. I want to see you put those zipper pulls through your ears!

    Holy, I wasn’t going to buy one stitch of yarn…

    Looking forward to future meetings,

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