When I get stressed, I babble. And my last post was definitely babbling! Thanks to all of you for putting up with it and for your expressions of concern. Thanks to my husband for putting up with my occasional tears. And thanks to my son, for not harping on the obvious – that I can’t protect him all of the time. Besides babbling, when I get stressed, I knit. So obviously this has been a good week for knitting. Look:


St. Enda in all her glory. Yes, I know the original St. Enda was a guy, but this one’s a girl. And of course, Kirby was helping. Those of you who know me know that this is where my projects hit the wall. I hate sewing up! But fortunately there is no hurry on this one as long as it’s done in time for our Christmas picture. Plus it looks as if we are finally going to get some summer here and we’ll be roasting this week. Temps in the high 70’s – my goodness! No smart remarks from Mom and Dad please. Yes, I know that it is probably in the 90’s with 90% percent humidity in Missouri. That’s why I’m here instead!

I couldn’t resist starting the Estonian Lace scarf and I am loving this project! The row repeat is very short and easily memorized, so it’s pretty close to mindless knitting. I think it will go fast. I’m using some Alpaca Cloud in Tide Pool left over from my Pacific Northwest Shawl. No pictures yet because I’m too lazy to walk into the living room to get it. Did I tell you it’s hot? Almost 70 I think!

So, I will quit whining and leave you with a picture of Hester:


She is very submissive to Kirby (even though she outweighs him twice over), except where her Kong is concerned. She will guard it jealously every time he walks by. What she doesn’t understand is that Kirby has abosolutely no interest whatsoever in her Kong. But she seems to think she’s getting away with something, so we don’t let on.

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  1. I hate sewing up too! But perhaps you should have a good tea or coffee & some sweets (wrapper bars will help avoid sticky fingers) for a good sew-up session.

    That usually helps me a lot 🙂

  2. What really stresses me is that we don’t know where it will happen next. It probably won’t be NYC or London next time, but someplace where it’s completely unexpected. And there is no way to know what innocent people will be caught up in it.

    On a more cheerful topic, your St. Edna looks wonderful. You’re not really going to pack it away without sewing it together and trying it on. Are you?

  3. Pardon a “reader only” who loves to knit and started reading your blog as I saw it listed in some other blogs whose owners have dogs (Thanks Anita!!) and lives in Missouri (or Misery, depending on the humidity!!) Lovely sweater, and I’ll look forward to seeing it sewn up and modeled for us.

    Also, how did your Pacific Northwest shawl turn out? Curious minds what to know, as I’m now working on the same pattern. After a LONG round of knitting for grandchildren, I decided it was time for a reward for me.

    Enjoy your little granddaughter, and remember they really are the best revenge!!

  4. You weren’t rambling, just thank god your family is safe!!
    Too bad we don’t live closer, I LOVE sewing up and St. Edna is gorgeous!
    I thought about you a lot while making my last sweater (no pics yet, computer issues but you can see the pic from the pattern book on my blog-AV Shaped Top!) because there was a picot trim around the armholes and V neck and in addition I added it around the hem because I didn’t like the plain stockinette and I felt the shell was too “dressy” for ribbing.
    With ever single *&$%@# nupp-like bobble I thought about you! In a good way of course, oh mistress of the nupp 🙂
    Pumpkin says thanks! I think yours are pretty dishy too, I love Corgis!!

  5. St. Edna is beautiful! I don’t really mind sewing, the thing is sewing requires proper ‘sit down’ time which I lack at this point in life with the two wee ones. With knitting, I can squeeze a row or two here and there and on the bus.

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