How do you like the new look? It’s not terribly originial, but apparently TypePad must have a lot of knitting blogs and have come up with a look just for us. This has been a terribly busy week. I started out by finishing my last paper for my Sociology of Aging class – the professor graded it promptly and I got an A in the class. Now I’m done with school for about a month! First, though, I finished my first Summer of Lace project – the Dainty Bess scarf. Here it is pre-blocking:


During blocking:


And the model shot:


I don’t know, I think the first model is far more fetching. Now I’m working on two Estonian scarves. This is the Fiber Trends pattern and it is so far a great knit – very easily memorized. I’ve reached the point on the first one where I will soon start the second lace pattern. Since I was going to a two-day dental conference, I decided to start a second one so I would have some fairly mindless knitting to do for long meetings. Although I ended up not knitting so much during the meetings, I got a lot done on the drive up and back and during breaks. Now I’m spending the weekend recuperating – I must be getting older, but the conference really wiped me out!

I’ll close with this handsome guy:


We used to have lots of quail around our property, but feral cats took their toll and we went several years without them. This year they have made a comeback and we have several families. Moments before this picture was taken, the whole family was lined up on the rail, but I couldn’t get to my camera fast enough. All I can say is that nature photographers must have loads of patience – or luck!

7 thoughts on “

  1. You whipped right through that scarf – it’s very pretty.

    My cousin spent some time at a place near Anacortes a few years back and that’s the last time I’ve seen quail in the wild. Wish I could have seen your whole quail family.

  2. Hee hee, I use my pups as models, too. 🙂 The scarf is lovely and so are both models. Love that photo of the quail – how neat! We have a problem with feral cats, too – I trap them regularly and take them to the HS with a donation. Our bluebird population is slowing recovering…

  3. Handsome guy indeed!! What a cool pic, I’ve never seen a quail “at large”!
    The scarf is beautiful and you look lovely in it but Hester makes a great first runner up!

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