Introducing Estonian Scarf #2:


It’s hard to to get a good picture of such a long project. Here’s a close up of the end:


Is it redundant to say again how much I love this pattern? It has so many things going for it: It’s got a center section that’s almost mindless – eight rows that are easily memorized, a flurry of activity at the end with a little raised blood pressure with those nupps (I’m still not satisfied with them) and with the Alpaca Cloud, it makes a really inexpensive gift. Of course those of you on my gift list should not construe that I don’t care for you and am giving you a cheap present. I’m just thrifty where the yarn is concerned – there are many hours invested in this. And the end result is so ethereal and soft that I keep picking them up and just running them through my hands. I’ll wear them out before I gift them!

I’ve started a third one, this one in moss green. This will be my trip knitting because I’m getting a mini vacation this week! I’m taking Thursday off and with my usual Fridays off, will have an extra long weekend! I start on Thursday by going to meet the Yarn Harlot!! I am too, too excited, but know when I meet her face to face I will either become a blithering idiot or totally speechless. Shall I take my Estonian Scarves to show her? I wish we could just take an afternoon and knit over coffee, but I’m sure I’ll be one of a mob waiting to meet her.

After that, my sister and I will go to the Seattle Street of Dreams and drool over million dollar houses. I will take my camera in the misguided hope that I might find an idea or two that I could actually afford to incorporate into my humble domain. Some of these houses have kitchens that are larger than my whole house! On Saturday I’m attending a scrapbooking seminar, the highlight of which is a class on using Adobe’s Photo Impression (my photo editing software). And we end the weekend on Sunday with a trip to the Acorn Street Yarn Shop (my favorite yarn shop in the whole world) and a visit to the Pacific Science Center. Whew – I need a nap already! I am so looking forward to the break in routine and a nice visit with my sister.

In closing, here is an picture of my adorable granddaughter in the adorable Baby Surprise sweater that her adorable Nana made for her:


8 thoughts on “

  1. The scarf is beautiful, so delicate looking. I wish I could reach out and touch it.
    I’m jealous that you get to go see the Yarn Harlot, have fun!
    Your grand daughter looks so cute in nice sweater. Looks like she’s grown a lot too!

  2. What a cute baby picture! I’m so ready to get my hands on a cute baby. Well, actually one specific cute baby named Sydney.

    I’m so jealous of your beautiful knitting, but you have my sympathy on having a granddaughter that’s even further away than mine.

  3. Yes, Dorothy, you are adorable! As is the grandbaby and her beautiful sweater. Your scarf is lovely, your nupps devine 🙂 have fun on your mini-vay-cay!!

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