I think I can come back down to earth now! This little mini vacation was everything I expected it to be – and more. Of course the highlight was meeting Stephanie Pearl McPhee, aka The Yarn Harlot:


Not only did she help model my lace shawl, she even mentioned me in her blog. Be still my heart. Stephanie was just as funny in person as in her book. She was delayed because of a bridge closure due to the Blue Angels flying (that’s ok Stephanie, we don’t understand it either), but there was no complaining, because we brought our knitting! Have you ever known knitters to be bored? And I was not lonely because I met Lorette, aka The Knitting Doctor:


We had a lovely time visiting and she was just as gracious and lovely as her blog. She seems to have recovered quite well from the wineglass incident and was knitting happily away on a sock.

Because of the aforementioned bridge closures and Seafair, we decided caution was in order and did not make it over to the Acorn Street Yarn Shop. However, we stopped by a little yarn shop around the corner from my sister’s house and I was able to find the yellow Dale to go with the other colors I have for Izzy’s Christmas present:


I also picked up some lovely pale green Crystal Palace Kid Merino to make my sister the Cocoon scarf from Fiber Trends. This is to make up for the fact that I outright lied to her by telling her in July that I would bring her birthday present with me when I came this weekend when in fact I hadn’t even bought her anything yet. Sigh! In my defense, she is getting darn hard to buy for because she has everything she needs and pretty much what she wants too. So my penance will be knitting mohair in August. However, if our cooler weather holds it may not be all that bad. Stay tuned!

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  1. Well, dang. I would have loved to have met up with you! Maybe we will have to plan a get together. I would have loved to met the knitting doc too! Thanks for all your lovely comments lately.

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