That Debi (besides doing a great tutorial on beading – go check it out) is a pretty wise woman. I had posted my ponderings on how many projects it was healthy (at least for me) to have going at one time. I had mentioned having a long term lace project on the needles and she suggested that I rethink that. She commented that sometimes making something long term causes you to lose interest in it. She pointed out that sometimes just slogging through the boring parts and getting a finished object is worth it. I think she’s right. As I mentioned, I was feeling some stress about having so many things going, so I have determined to finish some. I found that actually forcing myself to sit down and work on them rekindled my interest and the results have given me a real feeling of, uh, unstress? And lookee here:


Why, yes – that is Rogue! A little lumpy because she hasn’t been blocked yet, but she is all sewn together waiting for the zipper to arrive. I’m hoping it will come soon so I can sew that puppy in and have Rogue to wear when the weather turns nippy. And that’s not all. Following Debi’s sterling advice, I picked up the Barbara shawl and decided not to work on anything else until it was done.

I am now knitting on the border! It’s going a little slower than I might hope, but I think less than a week’s work and it will be done. I’m sad to report, though, that the Crystal Palace Merino scarf has been discarded. Impossible to frog – so I just broke the yarn and threw it where it belonged – in the trash. Life is too short to work on something that gives you that much grief. After Barbara is done, I will probably return to the tried and true Estonian Scarf. My sister has already picked out the color of Alpaca Cloud she likes. Don’t get me wrong. I find nothing wrong in someone having a gazillion projects going at once. I’m just discovering that it’s probably not for me and that simplifying is giving me a real sense of relief.

Here’s the latest picture of Izzy. Mum had to buy her a pink hat because everyone keep commenting on what a cute boy she was. No mistaking this for a little girl!


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  1. Thanks for the props, D!! 🙂

    I’m glad my advice helped.

    I really thought of you while I was doing the tutorial, I wanted to really *show* you how easy it is so you were the motivation to get it right…so we are good for each other, n’est ce pas? hehehe…

    Rogue is stunning and Barbara, ooh lala! You sure whipped her out fast and she’s gorgeous!!

    Who’s gonna be the best dressed knitter in the PNW?? YOU ARE!

  2. I’m struggling with the same question: How many projects can I have going at once and not feel stress? And the related question: How many projects can I have going at once and not lose interest?

    Deb’s advice is just about perfect for me, too. I’m thinking I’ll knit on a weekday project until it’s done and knit for CIC on the weekend. But once I meet my CIC goal, I get to knit on the weekday project on the weekend.

    Now, to get down to one project plus CIC knitting. That’s going to take a few weeks.

    Izzy is so cute in her hat! Love that picture. What sweet sweet granddaughters we have.

  3. That girlie is a beauty! And good for you for making some progress on the projects! I’m also feeling a major urge to get some things done that have been in the works for ages. I just can’t bring myself to work on Rogue when it’s this blasted hot though. When’s fall coming, anyway??

  4. Izzy is a dream baby. She is just beautiful, Dorothy! I love your Rogue, too…I’ve thought and thought about that sweater, but I feel like I’m behind the times now!

  5. Your knitting is gorgeous! I LOVE the Madli! What a beautiful granddaughter! It’s so much fun to knit for little ones! She looks so adorable in the picture. Kathy

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