Never let anyone tell you the government is staffed by soulless beaureaucrats. I just got off the phone with Tricare, the entity that handles military medical insurance, trying to help my doctor’s office get paid for services they provided for my father-in-law shortly before his death in January. Several months ago I was told that paperwork was on its way and as soon as we filled that out and designated his representative, payment could be released. Today when I called to find out why the paperwork had not arrived, I was told that not only could it not be mailed, but they couldn’t even talk to me. Since the charges were incurred before his death (as opposed to after?), they could only talk to him, not even his surviving widow. It was all I could do not to say, “Fine, I’ll have him call!” Anyway, we compromised by having them agree to accept a power of attorney if I would mail it to them. This follows the infamous incident wherein they had my mother-in-law’s address wrong. They had her address as a place that she had never lived in her life. We were missing all kinds of her mail from Tricare, but by a miracle one got through and I called to change the address. Although they could talk to me (she has appointed me her representative), they could not change her address over the phone. They had to (get this) DO IT BY MAIL BY MAILING HER A CHANGE OF ADDRESS FORM!! Yes, to the wrong address. By the grace of God (and the US Postal Service) we eventually got the change of address form. To be fair, the lady on the phone today was quite pleasant and I’m sure went home shaking her head and telling her husband, “Earl, you’re not going to believe what I had to tell this poor woman today.”

On to happier agendas, namely knitting. I finished Estonian Scarf #3 today. I know you’re tired of blocking shots, so how about a group shot:


Lovely aren’t they? But I do have to admit to growing a little tired of the pattern, so am taking a break. I started this:


The Cocoon Lace Scarf by Evelyn Clark. This is my first experience with mohair and so far it’s not a happy one. Look:

See that blob? The fuzz on the mohair is traveling down the core as it slides through my fingers. I tried trimming the blob, but then ended up with a naked section of the core instead (no prettier than it sounds). I was assured by the Summer of Lace group that this is not usual with mohair, so I will reserve judgement. This, by the way, is Crystal Palace Kid Merino. I guess this is penance, huh?

I made the decision today that I have GOT to stop starting new projects. Stop starting – is that an oxymoron? I realistically know that I will never be like Wendy and only knit on one project at a time. But I’ve gotten myself overwhelmed with projects and truth to tell, am feeling a little stressed out. I know it’s of my own making, but there it is! So I am pledging not to start another new project until one, and maybe two, are done. I also know that knitting pledges (unlike marriage vows) are made to be broken. But you have my permission (nay, my pleading!) to comment and castigate me severely should I break this pledge. But have you seen the strawberry hat, and the cupcake hat and the flower hat and, and and . . . . Izzy’s head will be cold!

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  1. Dorothy, the Estonian scarves are gorgeous! (Where would I order the pattern for that, BTW?)

    RE: the mohair – have you tried knitting using the other end of the ball? Give it a try and see if that fiber doesn’t stay put better. Classic Elite mohair doesn’t do that, to my recollection… neither does my handspun mohair. I have some I just got from Dorothy at Fiddlesticks (can’t remember the brand) but I don’t expect to have a problem with that, either… That’s just WEIRD. But maybe if it was spun “in a certain direction” and you’re knitting against the grain… couldn’t hurt to try it the other way ’round.

    Or conact the manufacturer, with your photos, and get a replacement! Good luck. 🙂

  2. Your scarves are lovely D!!

    As far as that mohair goes if I were you I would stop right now, take it back where you bought it and get your money back!! That is defective and no mohair that is spun properly should act like that!

    I’m a 2 project knitter, socks and a “bigger” project. More than that makes me very nervous and stressed and knitting should be a pleasure, not a burden. That said, those hats are WAY cute 🙂

  3. You are a fantastic lace knitter.I can tell you that I have had the exactly same experience with that mohair from Crystal Palace.I gave up on it.I didn’t want to spent my time knitting lace with that kind of yarn.I live in Vancouver,BC and I enjoy your blog very much,it has inspired me to knit vry intricate lace knitting,and I love it.
    Thanks Ann

  4. I agree, monogamy is only for marriage, not knitting! The Rowan Kidsilk mohair didn’t do that bunchy thing, nor did the King Cole mohair I’ve used. Maybe it’s a faulty batch?

  5. I’m with you in project overwhelmed-ness. I’ve lost count of how many things I have on the needles. This summer I’ve been trying to finish one a week, or at least one chunk of a bigger to-be-finished project (i.e. back, sleeve, sock, etc.)That worked for about a month, then I cast on this weekend for another shawl.

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