The fifth and last Estonian scarf is done! Yes, the last. If I even make sounds as if to start a new one, you have permission to come whack me upside the head. I honestly thought the last round of nupps was going to do me in. As I told Junieann, “Enupp is enupp.” No photos yet because I have to bring myself to block it. Of course, that’s after picking it up after flinging it across the room yelling, “Finished!”

Of course that means I have to start some new insane project. Behold:


The beginnings of the Unst stole from Heirloom Knitting. This is turning out to be one of the most challenging projects I’ve attempted. Two things contribute to the challenge. 1. Teeny tiny yarn on teeny tiny needles (cobweb wool on size 1’s). Of course, those of you who know me know that I love little yarn on little needles. But this makes the alpaca cloud on size 3’s seem like rope knitted with fence posts! 2. There is pattern on every row. That means you actually have to pay attention on every row rather than every other row. Dang! No “rest” rows! And because you are doing decreases right above previous decreases, there is not the “give” that a plain knit or purl provides. Of course, if you drop a yo, there’s no where for it to go and it’s pretty easy to pick up. I will, however, admit that it’s getting a little easier as I go along. But it does make me reconsider whether I will ever do the Wedding Ring shawl, which is done with even tinier wool on even tinier needles.

I have decided that there is no way that this can be my only lace knitting. I just can’t work on it more than about an hour without my eyes and fingers screaming for mercy. So, I have ordered the pattern for Peacock Feathers and several varieties of yarn from KnitPicks – several colors of Shadow, 3 skeins of dyeable lace (although I don’t think I’ll dye it) and just for good measure some of the solid sock yarn just because I’m always trying to convince myself I will actually knit more socks one day, but know that I just like collecting sock yarn.

I also recevied my copy of the bookbook. It’s just as good as the last. I feel that I have found a kindred soul! I read the introduction to my husband and he said, “That sounds just like you!” I also dialed the 877-SOS-KNIT number. Way cute. Option #3 is my favorite. I made my husband listen to it and he did – all the way through. What a trooper! I hope he paid attention!!

And just because I have no further knitting pictures to share, how about a nice Alpaca Kiss? This is Bambino – I think he likes me!


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  1. I like Bambino a lot.

    You go grrl on that Unst shawl. I’ve been fantasizing about some of the Heirloom Knitting shawls but haven’t ordered, yet. I’m going to attempt the Meditteranean shawl with cobweb and size 2 needles first. 🙂 We’ll see how I fare with teeny tiny yarn and needles and then move on to bigger things.

  2. Yeek, that Unst is lovely. I tried it and fell flat on my face. There is some errata for this one I believe. It is on the HK site. I’d like to tell myself that is the reason I gave up on Unst. You go Girl! I am still piddling around doing nupps.

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