Beautiful Madli is finished:


I realized too late that I didn’t get a “before” picture. Too bad, because it’s such a treat to see how blocking really brings out the beauty of lace. But this puppy was on the floor being blocked about 10 minutes after being finished. The pattern calls for the edges to be blocked out in points, even though they are knitted straight. I wasn’t going to do this but decided I was too lazy to thread blocking wires through the edges. But I think I like it this way. It’s probably not quite as large as the original pattern – I think my gauge was a tad smaller. Did I do a gauge swatch before? You’ve got to be kidding! But I was so tired of nupps, I just did the suggested number of repeats and quit! I DID NOT like having to graft the second border on. I much prefer a provisional cast on, knit the border outward, then pick up and knit the other direction.

I was really proud of my grafting as it came off the needles, but not so much when it blocked. Hence, I will show you the other end:


What’s up next? The 5th Estonian scarf needs to finished – drat, more nupps! And Izzy’s Christmas sweater is progressing nicely. This next week will be really busy with an exam, a paper, lots of reading for class and getting ready for Ben & family to arrive. Only a week from Saturday!! Woo hoo!!!! All the visas have been acquired, tickets bought, transportation arranged. Now they’re just down to divesting themselves of anything that can’t be carried on the plane. Minimal living, to say the least! I couldn’t even get my yarn stash on a plane! Well, maybe the yarn, but not the books! Given a choice, I’d take the books. I may treat myself this week to doing a gauge swatch (yeah, I know) for the Unst Shawl from Heirloom Knitting, which will be my next lace project. But I have promised myself I will not cast on for it until I finish the Estonian Scarf. I know, you’ve heard THAT song and dance before.

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  1. Your Madli shawl is just beautiful – and the color is very pretty, too. I’ve also been admiring your Estonian lace scarves – so lovely- what pattern are you using?

  2. Another beautiful shawl, Dorothy! Do you think it is difficult to convert the pattern for knitting the other border in another direction? Got to get out my pattern to figure out. I remember Cocoon Lace was done like that.

  3. Your Madli is fantastic! I love how it looks in the pink. I don’t typically knit with pink but I’m starting to feel a bit of love for the pink…

  4. When we moved to Canada we calculated by the pound how much we were paying to move stuff. As we weighed each item we made the decision re what was going to accompany us. It wasn’t as minimal as it could have been ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gorgeous scarf, as usual!

    And thanks for your comment on my blog. That was a heck of a way to develop a chocolate aversion. Oh yukk.

  5. It’s beautiful.

    Did you count how many nupps you made? It looks like a very large number, way more than I could manage without going nupp crazy. I’m impressed, as always when you show a finished product.

  6. She’s lovely Dorothy! Well done! And you finished so quickly!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes and the compliments on my Shaped Triangle ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Gorgeous! I cannot believe you can knit *lace* of all things, at ball games. I can’t even knit it when I’m sitting in my own living room if there is anything else going on!

    Anyway, Madli is lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done!

  8. Ah Ha! You are the little devil that went to nupp hell and made 5 Estonian shawls? Is this the Fiber Trends pattern? I have that pattern. Maybe the copper Zephyr would like to be that scarf or stole. I will search your blog for those 5 beauties.

  9. I’m interested in learning the technique of lace making. The product is a burden basket worn by Native women. The closest I can come to understanding the pattern is in using the Orvieto, or the Shetland Lace approach. The next closest is a type of macrame, which is what crochet is, after all. Any ideas folks?

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