Q: What can turn a room full of adults into gibbering idiots?

A: This:


And yes, that is a new sweater that her Nana made for her. The pattern is from Toddler Sweaters From the Neck Down. It has a whole host of cute little sweaters in size 1-6, both basic and more elaborate. And the best part – no sewing, which as you all have guessed is NOT my favorite part of the process.

As I mentioned, my daughter-in-law is a new knitter. Here’s her first project:


I think she and her poncho are both way cute! She’s even offered to make one for me. No one’s ever knitted me anything! That’s the trouble with being a knitter – everyone just thinks you can make it yourself. But who better to appreciate all the trouble someone has gone to?

On the knitting front, I have frogged the Unst Stole. I got about one center panel repeat into it and realized I was not having a good time. I kept telling myself I needed to do this to prove that I could. Well, yes, I can. I did a whole repeat without a single mistake. But what’s the point if you’re not enjoying it? So the cobweb is put aside for the time being. I think at some point I will probably design my own Shetland Shawl, but for now I need something less intense.

So, I have started Peacock Feathers:


Now this is fun! I am really enjoying this knit. The yarn is Shadow from KnitPicks in the Jewel colorway. The yarn is very nice and the picture doesn’t do justice to the color. This is proving to be nice knitting for my busy life right now – enough challenge to be interesting, but not so much that it takes all of my concentration. And it has nice “rest” rows so I can be completely mindless (which some would assert is my normal condition).

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  1. Your Izzy is soooo cute and the darling sweater Nana knit for her has her stylin!!!

    Tell your DIL she’s a born knitter!! That’s a WOW for a first knit! WOW!!! 🙂

    Your Peacock Feathers looks lovely! I’m glad you’re enjoying it and not sweating the cobweb…you know my motto, Grasshopper, knitting should always bring joy NOT stress!

    If you want, I’ll knit you some socks hunny…everyone should have something knit just for them, even knitters!!

  2. Adorable baby, sweater, poncho, and DIL. My Madli is also in Shadow Jewels. It is a wonderful, rich color. Peacock Feathers will be gorgeous!

  3. Dorothy, your father sent this “blog” site to Mother (your Aunt Lucy), and it being a slow day I have SOOOO enjoyed reading. Got such a kick looking at your new mini (from last year) and selling your Izetta – I don’t know how to spell without going back to your page. You would not believe, but my 16 year-old (Jamie – who your dad has met once) has one up as wall paper on our home computer. He is into car restoration – and I so wish he and your husband could get together. Jamie worked all summer on his ’74 Nova – that’s now painted candy apple orange. Have a great trip to Missouri for Thanksgiving. Wish you lived down the street so I could get knitting lessons – as if I had time right now. Please tell Claudia hello. Love – Cousin Margaret

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