Precious little knitting has been done this week. I’ve been a little busy:


While not gazing rapturously upon sleeping babies, we have been having tea:


And the little knitting that has been done has been cute little hats for cute little heads:


I’ve been trying to keep up on my classes and have done ok so far on my semester based class (the one with deadlines), but have just about given up on my flex class. This one doesn’t have deadlines and I have two semesters in which to complete it. I am trying now to spend all the time I can with my family. Good news – Ben has a job already. Bad news (at least for us) – it’s in Florida. I am putting it in perspective – that’s 5 hours closer by plane than London and we could actually drive there if I didn’t want to fly. I’ll probably get to see them far more often than before and with any luck, they’ll be back in the Pacific Northwest eventaully.

I have accomplished a few more rows on the Peacock Feathers, but not enough for a photo – just look at the last one and imagine it an inch longer! This is one of those knits that starts with 3 stitches and goes like gangbusters at the beginning and then slows down exponentially as you add more and more stitches. I like the Shadow – it’s a nice basic yarn, but it’s certainly not “luxury” and I hope will do justice to the beautiful pattern.

And I have to post one more picture:


Not everyone can be lucky enough to marry their soulmate. Thanks sweetie for a wonderful 33 years – here’s to 33 more! I love you.

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  1. What wonderful pictures. Each one radiates love, starting with the one that is 33 years old.

    Sympathy on the Florida move.

    You may find that cross country flights and airport waits are the perfect place to read and study. I usually get an entire book read on each travel day.

  2. Florida?

    I know you would rather have your chicks close by but we could actually get to meet 🙂

    Happy Anniversary to you and the Hubster. That’s a beautiful picture and your both very lucky to have found such happiness. Here’s to lots more!

    And of course your grandbaby and daughter-in-law are both cute as can be!

  3. One more thing – have you checked out the new yarn store in Mount Vernon? Same side of the street as Hellens, but about three blocks south.

  4. Lovely pictures! Having met you at Third Place Books, and having watched your progress through the Estonian Lace I just had to try it myself. I started a pattern swatch last night and can’t wait to get into the body of the thing.

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