What is it with this obsession to knit socks? Was it just a few months ago I commented on this very blog that knitting socks just wasn’t my thing? Once again I am forced to eat my words. It seems that all I want to do is knit socks, ogle sock yarn and wander through all my sock patterns (and I have A LOT!). The sticking point for me is that I have to rewrite them all because I have relatively smallish, skinny feet, as does everyone else I knit socks for. What is it with that? However, once I’ve gotten going, it seems as if I cannot stop. The latest effort:


Don’t they look lovely on the Christmas tree? These are from Knit Picks Dancing yarn in the “I forgot” colorway. This yarn is nice and I think I will make a pair for myself eventually, but I find that I do prefer working with wool rather than this cotton blend yarn. This pair will go in the Christmas stash as will the pair I am currently working on out of Regia self-patterning yarn.

That’s another thing that I’m finding different this year. For the first time I’m feeling “IT” as described by the Yarn Harlot. You know, the desparate feeling that you have to not finish, but actually START new projects for Christmas. All of a sudden I’m feeling that I need to knit something for everyone – a totally unrealistic expectation by the way, so all of you on my gift list reading this blog – Don’t get your hopes up! But I hope some of you will be pleasantly surprised.

Updating my last entry – my birthday weekend was a mixed bag. I so enjoyed my visit to the Acorn Street Yarn Shop, but I do find myself getting a little discouraged by the price of all the yummy yarns out there. I increasingly find myself priced out of the market, so to speak. So far I am quite pleased with Knit Picks and hope they keep adding to their inventory of affordable yarns. After the yarn shop, we went over to Seattle Center to see the new Harry Potter in the Imax Theater. Right after the lights dimmed and before the movie started, an elderly gentlemen a few rows down from us suffered an apparent heart attack. They kept us all in our seats while they did CPR on him for over half an hour, then rightly cancelled the show and ushered us all out. I doubt he made it. It was so distressing – he had his family with him, including his grandchildren, and my heart went out to them as well as all the other children in the audience. What a sad memory of what was supposed to be a memorable outing.

On the positive side – I got my grade back on my final exam essay in my anthropology class. I was stunned to receive a 100!!! I was pretty satisfied with my exam and felt that I worked really, really hard on it, but this was a very pleasant surprise. I am now officially a senior! 30 more credits to go and counting.

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