A wonderful surprise came in the mail yesterday:


Lynne sent this to me. Thank you Lynne! I’ve made such wonderful friends in the knit blog community over the past year. In many respects, this keeps me knitting, wanting to have exciting pictures to post. Well, at least knitters find them exciting.

I find it exciting that the last of the Christmas knitting is done with these socks:


Every once in awhile I find myself thinking , “Wait, I have lots of time. I could do this, and this….” And then I get a grip and remind myself that I need to relax and enjoy the season. Each year I wish I had done just a little more in the way of gift giving, decorating, etc. But then I remind myself that this is NOT what this holiday is about. It’s a time to remind ourselves of the great gift that God gave to us in the form of His Son. That gift has nothing at all to do with all the hoopla and decorations that we have invented. That allows me to sit back and think instead of what I can truly give.

In that spirit, I have given cards to at least four people this year letting them know that a pair of hand knitted socks is being donated in their name to CIC. So far the reception has been wonderful. Everyone has been very excited. So, after Christmas a box will be winging its way to CIC with four pairs of little socks and a little sweater.

With no further Christmas projects to finish, I found myself itching to cast on a lace project. I found this pattern, Leda’s Dream via another blog. This was just the project I needed for some pale pink laceweight that has been struggling to find the right home. I have cast on several times with this yarn, but nothing seemed right until this. I think it’s a stunning pattern, and the price was right – only $2.00 to download. You can order it here. Here’s a picture of my progress so far:


I may not get a chance to post again until after Christmas. If I don’t, I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and that you will have family close to enjoy and love.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you as well! It is indeed difficult to remember the true meaning of this holiday season with all the glitz and commercialism that has invaded our space.
    And you are such an enabler. I’m off to get that stole pattern. Resistance is futile.

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